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The packaging of food

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The packaging of food Introduction Developments in packaging have led to the use of 'modified atmospheric packaging'(MAP). The packaging allows gases like nitrogen to permeate at a given rate. Packaging is an enormous industry which keeps on growing and growing. All types of packaging have to follow guidelines and meet requirements, some examples are below: * to protect the contents from damage, theft or contamination * to prevent or expose tampering with the product * to keep the food in a hygienic condition * to prolong shelf life * to attract the consumer * to inform the consumer of legal or commercial information, e.g contents, nutrition, weight. * to be cost effective * to enable easier handling. storage and transportation * and possibly so that the container can be recyled/reused _ The British Standards Institute defines BS 3130 'Glossary of Packaging Terms' as 'The art of, and operations involved in, the preperation of articles or commodities for carriage, storage and delivering to the consumer'. _ The world without packaging. Just over 40 years ago butter, bacon and biscuits were sold loose. ...read more.


So why don't we recycle this amazing advance in food preservation? Benifits of Today's Packaging: From to it is all produced to do the same thing; protect us; the consumers. Many foods are perishable because they dry out, go soggy or develop bacteria which make them 'go off.' Brown paper bags did little to keep food fresh, clean and wholesome. Glass and stone jars were effective but very heavy to carry home. Today, with many fewer shopping trips, foods need to be stored in the home for longer and modern packaging technology enables us to do so. If products were not packaged by the manufacturers, you would have to take your own containers to the shops. It would make it very time- consuming and tedious shopping. You would have to label you containers to know what was what and then rely on your own knowledge and guesswork to use the products of today's food packages. Most people like milk, they may also like fish but very would appreciate fish-flavoured milk in tea. ...read more.


Odours from food such as garlic or onion can easily pass through plastic film and taint other food. Developments in microwave packaging: Most commercially prepared foods designed for the microwave have been pre-cooked and frozen. These use relatively simple packaging systems which while designed for microwave use, have no potential application for reuse. Recently shelf-stable microwaveable foods have also appeared on supermarket shelves. These involve more complex packaging systems which have been specially designed for use at high temperatures. They are therefore quite safe for microwave heating when manufacturers' instructions are followed. Materials used as food packaging * Paper * Glass * Metal * Ceramic * Plastics (Polyethylene HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Polyvinylchloride,Polystyrene, GPPS, HIPS, ABS, PET, PVdC) * Composites What can you the consumer do to help? *Use can banks. A recycled tinplate or aluminium can needs only a fraction of the energy to make one 'virgin' metal. *If you are unable to take packaging to be recycled then try to find other uses for it. * Ask for a 'Pink Bag' in which you are able to collect packaging for when the rubbish is collected. * Look out when your shopping for products made from recycled plastic products. Attractive packaging: ...read more.

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