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The Quorn(TM) product range is a delicious healthy alternative to meat found in a range of meals and food products

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The Quorn(tm) product range is a delicious healthy alternative to meat found in a range of meals and food products. The unique ingredient in all Quorn(tm) foods is derived from the edible fungi family, as are mushrooms, truffles and morels, and provides the taste and texture of a full range of meat products and ready meals but is entirely meat free. Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, if you are looking to eat more healthily, you are bound to find something to suit the whole family, that won't compromise on taste. ...read more.


We hope that you will make contact and let us have your comments. Marlow Foods Limited are based in North Yorkshire in the UK where they produce the Quorn(tm) product range for international distribution. To match consumer needs, there is a wide range of Quorn(tm) products. These have been developed primarily to give the maximum choice possible to consumers. Here is a small sample: Quorn(tm) burgers, sausages and fillets are easy to cook and ideal for family lunches or dinners. ...read more.


As well as matching healthy eating recommendations, Quorn(tm) products have the additional benefits that cooking times are short, they do not shrink on cooking and the ingredient range readily absorbs flavours from any sauces used. Quorn is a fungus (mycoprotein) which grows in a glucose mixture. The mycoprotein is separated into a solid and liquid. The solid is heated and mixed with flavours to make it taste like meat. Main advantages: High in protein and fibre. Low in fat. Can be sliced into many different shapes to look like meat. Examples of Quorn products include: fillets, burgers, sweet and sour, pieces and mince. ...read more.

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