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The research that I collected for this Graphics Page consisted of cut-outs of various tennis merchandise from magazines and catalogues and printed images from the internet of similar products to what I will be making and learning from.

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Research Analysis and Specification. Research - Moodboard. The research that I collected for this Graphics Page consisted of cut-outs of various tennis merchandise from magazines and catalogues and printed images from the internet of similar products to what I will be making and learning from. Also there will be various fabrics, colour patterns and poster cutouts relevant to the practical making of my graphics project, for the poster promotion of the tennis stadium and the key ring for example. I did this imagery research and glued them all over the sheet, as I believed they would be necessary and useful in giving me an indication of what these products that I will be making myself look like and feel like in real life. I.e.) Size, shape, colour, texture, fabrics used, detail, complexity, etc... so therefore it was important in giving me an indication of what is involved in making these products and what I would probably have to consider. It is relevant to my project as the images are of objects and items that I will either be making or using to help me for certain aspects of my project. ...read more.


Also, the usefulness of this was to help me in Page 9; Logo design Development and in my practical making of an official poster to promote the stadium. Help in areas like which colours to use, the appropriate and stylish font and images and logos that I could put on the poster. The logos when analysing and comparing them are useful in teaching me what pictorial techniques are used to provide certain effects from the logo to the audience. E.g.) How the logo is designed to promote an event or brand name and to attract viewers or persuade them. Research - Existing Products. Quite similar to the logos and lettering styles page, this area of research also incorporated collecting images from the Internet from various tennis websites who either sell or picture merchandise of tennis products. These bitmap images will involve pictures associated with the practical side of the project such as: US Open T-Shirts, key rings, tennis balls, video games, Tennis stadiums and film memorabilia. I carried out this research as it was important in helping me making decisions and giving me useful advice for the practical section of the major project, such as how the products are made, what styles look best and which merchandise I should make and what purpose it is for. ...read more.


* Do they have any suggestions or preferences in what they would like to buy or view from this merchandise? Why is this? * Do they appreciate merchandise such as posters and banners to be colourful, jazzy, plain or dark? The person's coloured and style preferences perhaps. * Do they prefer products to have lots of text information or do they not? If yes, what should the content be about? E.g.) The product or the purpose? * What sort of images and logos would they prefer to view on these pages, and in what background? E.g.) Artistic, photographic, computerized, etc...what will create the best effects for people to appreciate it and be attracted to what it is aiming to the audience. * What sort of advertisement methods would most attract them to the product either to purchase it or to view it even? Information such as this provided in the questionnaire results will be very important for me to analyse and use when designing and making my merchandise. I will definitely need to consider it, otherwise there is no point in making these products in such ways that will not attract people, please them or catch their interest to follow the purpose of the poster. ...read more.

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