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The room in which the presentation will take place must be organised specifically for my presentation as there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration.

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Room layout The room in which the presentation will take place must be organised specifically for my presentation as there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration, these are as follows: * Movement - If there are certain times in the presentation that I need to move into or around the room then the positioning of chairs and tables needs to be considered thoroughly. * Barriers to communication - The way in which the room is set out will also determine how certain mechanical barriers to communication can be controlled. For example if the chairs are placed too far away from my speaking point and they cannot hear, then this is a mechanical barrier. * Space - There are certain combinations of room layout that may not be feasible because of a lack in physical space. Layout design ? Layout design ? Layout design ? The chosen design; why have I decided to use it? ...read more.


Military uniform - Dressing in a military camouflage style uniform may help to keep the atmosphere on an entertainment basis and gives me scope to perform my presentation in a more unique and unusual way. I have chosen to present my findings in the military uniform and will be the theme for my presentation. It brings the right combination of humour and formality and at the same time brings a variation from a typical presentation style. Props/Equipment that I will need for the presentation. There are various pieces of equipment that I will need in order to present my findings appropriately. I have chosen to present it with various visual aids to help create my military theme. The equipment I will need is listed below: * Over head projector * Television screen with video capacity * Music system (for the opening sounds) * Military costume How will I remember what to say? Throughout the presentation I may need small prompts in order to keep my line of thought. ...read more.


The invitations - How will they look? There are certain things that must be included in the invitations; these things will ensure people arrive promptly to the right place therefore various pieces of information will be included, these are shown below: * Time of presentation * Place * Subject These things must be included in the invitation. To ensure people arrive on time I will also include a short sentence asking them to be prompt. My Theme As shown above in the 'What will I wear' section I will be wearing a military Uniform. This ties in with my decided theme that I will continue throughout the presentation. I have chosen to include a theme for the entertainment of the audience. My theme is a military briefing style presentation and I will give it in the same form as shown in many military based television programmes and movies such as Independence day. The reason I will do this is to create a unique and out of the ordinary presentation; by doing this people may enjoy it more and stay focused on the presentation. ...read more.

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