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The task is to create a logo that can promote the video shop, and be put on all to do with the video shop like letters. My logo should be simple but effective, and not to cheesy.

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The task is to create a logo that can promote the video shop, and be put on all to do with the video shop like letters. My logo should be simple but effective, and not to cheesy. It should catch people's eye, and make them want to read on. I will try to do this with colour and pictures. Software Requirements The software I choose must be able to: * Import pictures, so that I can actually create the logo. * Move and edit pictures, so that the logo can be tweaked, and the pictures do not stay as their original. * Input text, so that the logo has text as well as pictures and so the name "Mercury Entertainment" can be on the logo. * Shade pictures, so that I can make the logo look and have a professional feel. * Overlap and underlay objects, again to create a stylish look, and make the logo look the best it can. * Change the text colour, font, and size, so that I do not have to keep boring Arial text, and can make a good logo. ...read more.


It can move pictures through the normal method, by clicking and holding the left mouse button over the picture and then dragging it to where you want it to be. It can input text through the keyboard, just as any other program does. To shade a picture, you must highlight the picture and then click on the attributes tab on the right. Then there is a shade slide bar on the bottom, which you can slide to the right to shade lighter and right for heavier. It can over and under lap objects with the two buttons on the arrange toolbar, at the top: With these, the left sends the item to the back, and the right one brings the picture to the front. Text is edited in the standard way, by the toolbar at the top, or by clicking Format - Character. It can convert things to pictures. You have to highlight the certain graphics you want to be a picture, and then click Tools - Convert to Picture It will then come up with a box: Select JPEG from the combo box, as it provides a picture with small file size, and therefore easiest and fastest to work with. ...read more.


When you download it, the picture appears in the clipart window, and you can easily highlight it, and then copy (Ctrl + C) and then go to the "Page plus 8" windows and press (Ctrl + V) to import it onto the display. I will probably use Times New Roman, as it is the easiest to read, and the default font, that is not that boring. See below. I will then export the thing as a picture, after highlighting it, so it can be used universally. Appendix Trebuchet MS - Nice font, easy-to-read, and practical. Tempus Sans ITC - Sophisticated, but not that clear first time, better for wine lists. Times New Roman - Very good, clear, definitely using this, it is very clear for all ages. Verdana - Big, very clear, but it does not look attractive. Arial - Easy-to-read, but plain, better for kid's stories. Book Antiqua - Very Attractive, but still clear, definitely using this. Calisto MT - Much like Times New Roman, but more kid-like. Comic Sans MS - Very plain and young. Graphite Light ATT - Sophisticated and cool, but too narrow. Lucida Handwriting - Very nice, but not too easy-to-read. Design of Promotion Logo Michael Boulter 11.7 ...read more.

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