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The task is to create some sort of form that will capture the relevant data from the people who fill it in. Consequently, people fill it in after collecting it in the shop, or at other shops...

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The task is to create some sort of form that will capture the relevant data from the people who fill it in. Consequently, people fill it in after collecting it in the shop, or at other shops...and then we get members, which leads to rentals, and money for my Uncle. The data capture form will be an A5 piece of paper, and will have all the relevant fields needed to input a new customer into the list. In this task, I will have to use boxes that are the same size and ones that are big enough to fit hand written letters in. In addition, the boxes will need to be straight, or it will look incompetent. Moreover, to create a professional look, it will have to be a small form, two per A4 sheets, because one per A4 sheet would be rather large, and extremely clumsy. Additionally, to reduce incompetence, I should align the boxes singularly, so that every box is in line perfectly. For each field I will need the correct number of boxes: * Title = 4 boxes * First Name = 16 ...read more.


* Align objects, so that my input boxes can be arranged in a line, so they are straight, and not odd and disproportionate. Software I could use "Microsoft Word" to do this task. However, it is only a word processor, and cannot do some complex functions I need to perform. It cannot align objects, as far as I know, and for a professional look, I definitely need this feature, I need the input boxes to look as neat as possible. I also know of no way to under and overlap objects in "MSWord". This is also important if I wish to place my logo directly above my input boxes, as its white background may go over the top of the boxes. I could use "Serif Page plus eight" for this task. It is a publishing program, and has all of the features I need. It can import pictures using the usual copy and paste technique, but through Insert - Picture as well. It can create boxes using the object drawer, which preset is a box. ...read more.


It can underlay and overlap, and it can align objects, both of which are key to the task in hand. It is simple to use and all the major tools are on the screen in toolbars, no need to use menus. Outline Plan I am going to load a new page and then turn it into landscape mode. After that, I will produce titles for each input subject, and then create boxes for each input subject; the numbers of boxes are listed above. Then I will put the background in, by creating a square and using the fill and linear techniques to put a white and light blue background behind all the boxes. I will then put the logo at the top above all the boxes, to the left a bit, leaving space on the right for the address to go in. After that I will input two more graphics, which are two port-hole type circles, with a blue centre, I have two different sizes, the big will go at the top, and the small at the bottom Design of Data Capture Form Michael Boulter 11.7 ...read more.

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