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The use of CAD/CAM in organizations.

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The use of CAD/CAM in organizations CAD: Computer Aided Design. CAD is used to create highly detailed drawings or technical illustrations in 2 Dimensions or move advanced 3 Dimensions. Cad has revolutionised the design industry. People such as architects, builders, engineers, landscapers and even the fashion and film industry use cad technology to great effect. Ideally a cad program should be easy to use but produces effective drawings and 3-d images. Advantages of CAD * Drawings are very Precise and accurate * 3D detailed drawings * Computerised models can be made to scale * Test the product if you need to without having to produce it first * Drawings are device independent * You can resize drawings easily by using calculations on the program * More economical and efficient * Files are Smaller than bitmapped images * Easier to see the characteristics * You can see the image in animation so you can get the feeling of it without having to build it Disadvantages of CAD * Initial cost of set up equipment, Software, and training of staff. ...read more.


Alibre Design 5.0 a low-cost CAD package, Alibre 5.0 is fairly easy to use. Version 5.0 includes many functions such as linking, sketching, parts modeling, and 2D drafting. AutoDesk inventor 6 AutoDesk's Inventor 6 is a CAD package, which is nearly the best of the best. Among the many new features are many tools helpful to specific industrial design. ArchiCAD 8.0 ArchiCAD 8.0, from Graphisoft, is a very good architectural modeler with some great features. Included in this version is a new Extended Virtual Building makes viewing interactions between 3D elements much easier. Twenty years ago if an architect were to design the layout of a new building he would have to roll the plans up and send it through the post to reach the manufacturer, which could take a long period of time. Now the architect can use a CAD program and save it in electronic format and send it via e-mail in real time. ...read more.


* CAM can work in various different conditions. * JIT (Just in Time production) can in conjunction with CAM be used if a specific order has been placed, this can produce orders just in time. * CAM can produce mass numbers of products which can all be made at the same time. * Quality control is at a much higher standard as each product will be made exactly the same unlike human errors. * CAM systems do not become ill or tired. Disadvantages of CAM * CAM has taken over a number of jobs available therefore it has increased the rate of unemployment for human workers. * In a case total power loss production would stop causing a loss of profit. * If errors are made in the designing process the whole production line is affected * People employed by companies to program the CAM machines are expensive to pay. * Many CAM machines have to be built for many tasks * The machines need constant maintenance to ensure peak performance. Martin Malyon - 1 - ...read more.

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