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Three Customer Service Statements.

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I.C.T Task 2 Three Customer Service Statements In this report I would be comparing and contrasting three customer service statements from three different organisations. I would be explaining how the customer service statement are laid out, how it's presented and explain what they are talking about briefly. The three companies that I will be explaining about are Melcourt, GMOCN (Greater Manchester Open College Network) and IQA Education. Statement 1 My first statement is IQA Education; the way this statement is presented is by having six paragraphs using up two pages. The "IQA Education" is presented by having it located at the top of the statement in a rectangle box that goes across the top half page with the end of the rectangle (right hand side) fading out and in the left hand side the title is located in the middle, written in white because the box is black so the white writing would stand out. In big bold lettering is "Customer Service Statement" which dose stand out quite a bit. Under that heading is two paragraphs, first paragraph has five lines explaining briefly of who they are as a company and the second paragraph has four lines but what I thought that was so interesting about this paragraph is that it says "if you wish to comment on this statement offered by IQA Education department" this is one very good way to make the readers think that the company is always trying to compare. ...read more.


There is another set of bullet points which is explaining what the new programmes are, there are about six bullet points explaining it. Evaluation This statement has a lot of information about the courses that they are offering by using bullet points this is a good way to read through quickly and because of using bullet points the statement seems to be presented very clearly and very easy to understand it, but the whole statement is nearly written using bullet points, so this dose look a bit too plain for the reader. These statement doses not have any logos or pictures which is quite bad because it would make's it look different from the rest of the statements which I've been explaining. Statement 3 My third statement is based on a company called Melcourt. This statement is two pages long; at the top of the first page is the |Melcourt logo with Melcourt written underneath the logo. The first paragraph is about the company's aim and this paragraph has only three lines under that paragraph there is about fourteen bullet points with heading on each bullet point that is written in bold and the font case is fourteen. The statement has no colour on the page which makes it look quite plain and also on the second page. ...read more.


After that the rest of the statement is laid out very similar to statement 1. There's just more bullet points in the same font size and each bullet points are all under each other so there is no bullet point opposite each other. Both of the statements are laid out in a straight forward format with this type of format it is going to make it very easy for the reader to read statement or pinpoint what they need to read. Statement 2 and statement 3 Statement 2 has its logo at the top of the page, right in the centre, statement 3 has it's companies name at the top of the page but not in the centre, it goes along the top of the page statement 1 has a paragraph that's three lines. In statement 3 there is no paragraph in both of the pages the whole statement is mainly bullet points but the bad thing about this is that it makes the statement very plain because there is no colour in it and no pictures. In statement 2 its only black and white as well but the way it's laid out make's it more interesting to read because it don't just have bullet points under each other it also has next to each other pictures and logo's for each bullet points and the font size is a bit bigger then statement 3 so this is going to make it easier to read. 1 ...read more.

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