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To design and make a dish for a special diet.

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To design and make a dish for a special diet. The special diet I am researching is toddlers. I am working in a pair and need to produce 1 savoury and 1 sweet dish. Task analysis Keywords Toddlers Research Refer to fact sheet . The idea I have chose from each is Sweet-1) jelly -2) fruit dipped in chocolate -3) triffle Savoury -1) Face Quiche -2) Face mash -3) Heart shaped sandwiches Face quiche Design Specification 1) Thin pastry- not too filling. ...read more.


4) Beans should be cooked properly- so not to hard. 5) Should be in a face so it looks appealing to a toddler. Heart shaped sandwiches Design Specification 1) Must be cut into a heart so looks appealing to a toddler. 2) The filling must contain lots of salad - it brings the nutrients they need. 3) There must not be too much butter used - it could ruin the taste and it also isn't healthy. 4) The filling should have meat in -it is filling. ...read more.


Fruit in chocolate Design Specification 1) Dip in only bottom of chocolate- so child will know what fruit it is. 2) Use a variety of fruit- More taste 3) Don't put chocolate to thick-it dries quicker and also it is unhealthy. 4) Use Milk chocolate - white= too sickly Dark =too rich 5) Have small portion- it is for a toddler. Trifle Design Specification 1) Topping must be largest layer - I think it is the best layer 2) Custard must be cold- topping stays on top. 3) Sponge shouldn't be to filling- its for toddlers 4) Small size- as for toddler 5) Jelly should be set-must hold custard and topping Safety Process Quality ...read more.

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