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To see which vegetables has the better effect in the sauce and which has the best colour.

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Aim: To see which vegetables has the better effect in the sauce and which has the best colour. The colour affects the dish because it helps tempt the consumer to buy the product, i.e. rosy red apples are visually appetising, so therefore they entice the consumer to buy the product. I will make 3 dishes using the same ingredients apart from the vegetables. I will make it in a controlled kitchen. Then I will get 3 people to judge it on colour and taste. Then I will give them a score out of 5 for their healthiness according to the information I collect. To test the vegetables colour and which vegetables accompanies the dish the best I will ask 3 tasters to taste each one and to give each one a score out of five. Also I will give them random numbers so that they are not influenced by anything. ...read more.


To make it a fair test when testing the products I blindfolded the tasters and used random numbers so that they were unbiased. Test 1~ Colourfulness: Taster No. 937 No. 756 No. 309 Taster 1. 4 3 4 Taster 2. 4 4 4 Taster 3. 5 3 4 These results show that every one of the tasters prefers the first dish, they all said they liked the 1st dish best with the 3 dish coming in second. All the tasters said that the dish looked very colourful and whichever vegetables I do use then it will look colourful. One taster said that they were all a success as they all looked good, but then added the first one was the most colourful. Test 2~ Which tastes the best in the sauce: Taster No. No. No. Taster 1. 5 4 4 Taster 2. ...read more.


From the second dish I will take none, even though 2 of the tasters said the asparagus went well in it but I believe it would be better as a side dish as I believe its texture is too soft and breaks down easily in the dish. Although it is available all year round it is very expensive. So I will use none of the vegetables from dish 2. From dish 3 I will use both of the vegetables as they all said all of the vegetables went well in the dish. Mushrooms are available all year round and are economical. Also green beans are available in frozen form as well, which is more convenient for my product. So in my dish I will use mushrooms, peas, sweet corn, broccoli and green beans. I am very happy with this development and I believe the colourfulness of the dish will entice the customer to buy the product. ...read more.

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