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Toddler Nutrition

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The quality of toddlers diets is horrifying with junk food. 9/10 toddlers are allowed to eat junk food by their parents. This includes chocolate and crisps. Parents Admitt that their toddlers have worse diets Than they had at that age. Parents thought they were to blame for their toddlers poor diets. . But few thought they were to blame. The survey showed more than half of children do not eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables each day. Children's eating habits 92% are allowed to eat junk food 54% do not eat the recommended amount of fruit and veg 52% are fussy eaters 48% never eat with the whole family Toddlers are generally not included in family meals, raising fears that they are not taught to eat in a social situation. ...read more.


"Toddlers need the experience of sitting up at the table - it not only encourages them to eat properly, it improves their speech and social skills and encourages them to try new foods." Toddlers' favourite foods 1 Chocolate 2 White bread 3 Biscuits 4 Crisps 5 Fish fingers 6 Chips 7 Cake 8 Bananas 9 Apples 10 Chicken nuggets She added: "The amount of junk food toddlers eat is horrifying. They are the nuggets and chips generation." The survey also showed the breastfeeding message is not hitting home. Only two-thirds of mothers start off breastfeeding their babies and half of those stop within three months. A spokeswoman for the British Nutrition Foundation said the findings of the survey into eating habits were in line with other research. ...read more.


It resembles fast food and they could progress into a fast food style diet." When you are feeling at the end of your tether with a fussy eater, take a deep breath, relax and remember this is a normal phase in your toddler's development which will resolve with time. By being anxious you can often make the problem worse, particularly if you are expecting your toddler to eat more than she needs. If allowed to do so, toddlers will eat just enough calories for their own requirements, so you should always respect your toddler's decision that she has had enough to eat. You need to resist trying to persuade her to eat more. All this is of course, easier said than done. Remember that it is your responsibility to offer your toddler nutritious food but always allow her to choose how much she will eat. ...read more.

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