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Tomato soup is a very simple recipe, but companies make it in all different kinds of ways. Which has the best taste and nutrients and why?

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Name: Richard Willcox Candidate Number: 7241 Title Tomato soup is a very simple recipe, but companies make it in all different kinds of ways. Which has the best taste and nutrients and why? Planning To make my investigative piece of writing more thorough, I intend to examine five different types/brands of tomato soup: 3 shop bought; Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup (65p for 400g) Weight Watchers Tomato Soup (57p for 295g) Campbell's Classic Cream of Tomato Soup (45p for 295g) 2 home made from a recipe found in Cooking Explained (88p for 530g) I am going to analyse how the flavour, texture, nutrients and cost vary between all three. By doing this I will be able to choose the right soup for a certain group of people. For example a person on a low budget would want a cheap type of soup whereas someone wanting to lose weight would want a soup with a low fat content. I am not trying to find the 'best' soup, but instead to class them into their various groups. To do this I am going to take five randomly selected people and do two tests. ...read more.


Although these don't contain many calories, they are dangerous chemicals and some have been proven to be carcinogens. The Homemade ingredients can be found underneath the timeplan. From those you can see that all the ingredients are natural and can be purchased separately. Taste Tests Below is a blank copy of the proforma the taste testers had to complete. Unfortunately due to time I did not get to do two tests for each soup, so with all of my results the testers could see the soup and so could be influenced by colour etc. Scale (1-5) A B C D E Sweetness Smoothness Colour Blandness Consistency Five different people chosen at random tasted the soups using a spoon, sterilised in between usage in boiling water. After each taste, they rinsed their mouths with water, therefore ensuring a fairer test. Below are the results, which I collated from the taste test. Scale (1-5) Weight Watchers Heinz Campbell's Canned toms Fresh toms Sweetness 33444 24542 14535 23131 31121 Smoothness 55241 44533 12121 23121 11121 Colour 43533 33221 33534 42514 22131 Blandness 44542 44542 21421 41542 42545 Consistency 11121 21131 54545 33533 34515 From the above I can take the mean and then round it to the nearest whole number therefore giving me the average results. ...read more.


They create a lot of hassle and don't always come out as planned. However, if one has culinary experience then making your own soups could be an advantage to you as you decide the ingredients and how strong or weak you want it and it will accommodate for different budget types. Therefore I believe that this is the most versatile soup. I preferred to make it with canned tomatoes as to me there was no strong difference in taste and it made the preparation much easier. My practical was not executed to its maximum potential as I started 10 minutes late. This threw my timeplan into disarray, meaning that I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing at a certain time. My knowledge of cookery also failed me, as I did not know how to fat steam and therefore had to miss this process out. If I were to repeat this practical, I would read up on the technical terms so that I knew what to do before going in to the practical. Due to the shortage of cutlery e.g. bowls, I think that I would have to bring in my own cutlery. This would speed up the overall process, as I wouldn't have to waste allocated time searching for it. R.Willcox 20/04/07 11EB ...read more.

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