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Types of Materials for Jewelry

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Types of Materials for Jewelry * Titanium Titanium is a silver colored element metal, which is about half the weight of Stainless Steel. This weight difference can be a big advantage if you like the look of really thick jewelry but your piercing is gets aggravated by heavy jewelry. Titanium jewelry is an excellent choice to be used in new piercings as it is hypoallergenic and is normally accepted by the body very well. A new piercing done with Titanium jewelry will usually heal up much faster too. Healing quickly is ideal because the longer a piercing takes to heal the longer it is susceptible to infection and more chance it has to migrate through the skin. ...read more.


* Niobium Niobium is an element metal with similar properties of Titanium but its is not as light. It is Hypoallergenic so it works great for body piercing and the other exceptional property of Niobium is that it can be anodized to a wide variety of coolers. Colored niobium rings, even though inert in the body, are not recommended for initial piercings. This is due to the need to rotate the jewelry through the piercing to properly clean it and that rotating can causes the color to wear thin, dull and patchy. The thickness of this color is between 1/2 and 1 one millionth of a centimeter thick! If you want to use anodized Niobium jewelry in your piercing then it is best that you wait until the piercing has fully healed. ...read more.


This longer healing time may allow the jewelry to migrate from its original placement. For wearing in fully healed piercings 316L Stainless Steel is usually fine. For some people however, if they use this jewelry then the piercing will become aggravated causing redness, swelling and pain. If this happens you may be able to correct the problem by replacing the Stainless Steel jewelry ASAP with the jewelry you wore to successfully heal the piercing. * Acrylic Acrylic often referred to as Perspex is also used for "Body Jewelry". Bead rings (which glow under "Black Light"), Barbells, Straws, Hoops, Tubes, Fishtails, Acrylic EarPlugs (Tapered and Straight) in many different finishes, sizes and colors. * Platinum Want to be extravagant then Platinum is the right choice for you, although very expensive, is a very good material to wear in your piercings! Platinum is a silver color and also inert in most peoples bodies. ...read more.

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