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Understanding Health and Well Being

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Understanding Health and Well Being Tequila is 14 years of age and weighs 45kg and is 156cm tall. Tequila goes to secondary school and has lots of friends. She is a bright girl but is also very chatty. In the morning, she walks 11/2miles to school. As Tequila skips breakfast, she usually feels quite hungry and tired in the first two lessons. At break time, she will have a packet of crisps. She feels less hungry but still feels slightly weak, in lessons 3+4. At lunchtime, Tequila has a slice of pizza and a can of Coke. She still feels tired in the last lessons, and because of this she catches the bus home, being too exhausted to walk. As soon as she gets home, she dumps herself in front of the television until 7:00pm. She usually spends 2 hours doing her homework and then has her dinner at 9:00pm. She goes to bed at around 10:30pm. Tequila lives in a very nice and clean house, which has enough space for her to be comfortable. Her house is in a secure and safe neighbourhood and her best friends houses are about a 10 min walk but Tequila would rather take the bus. ...read more.


I am going to use my understanding of the Height and Weight chart to improve on one of Tequila's risk factors. I have decided to improve on Tequila's diet. I have chosen this factor as it means she will be able to gain slightly more weight but will still be healthy. I will make sure that she has well balanced meals, but I will also make sure that Tequila will be able to eat things that she enjoys so she will stick to the plan. If Tequila eats healthier meals, then she will feel better about herself as she will be able to fit into a variety of clothes and will then feel much better about herself mentally. I am going to include some exercises in Tequila's plan so that she can keep here body toned and won't become too fat, as this is something she is afraid of. Tequila knows that if she does exercise and has a much more healthier diet, then she will not put on too much weight. I am using the "Balance of Good Health" to influence Tequila's new dietary plan. ...read more.


Although I don't think this will affect Tequila's plan much. Using this plan, I would like Tequila to gain 5kg so that she will be 50kg and have an ideal weight. Tequila's Body Mass Index now is; 45kg/1.56�=18 (underweight) I would like her to become; 50kg/1.56�=20 (Lean) I think Tequila will be able to use this plan effectively and to her benefit as it is easy to read and is not that difficult to keep to the diet. The "Balance of Good Health" will help her to see if she is eating the right foods. Physically, Tequila will become slightly bigger and will be able to fit into more clothes, will have more energy and a better appetite. She will feel healthier as she is doing exercise as well, so her body parts will all be working properly. Emotionally, Tequila will be able to deal with life much better as she will not have the stress of her weight following her around. Socially, Tequila will be able to get on with her friends much better as they won't be calling her names any more. If Tequila's physical, social and emotional needs are all fulfilled then Tequila will be able to lead a happy and healthy life. ...read more.

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