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Vacum forming

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The most suitable method for batch production of my product is VACUUM FORMING. This is because all of the necessary facilities are readily available. It is used to manufacture a variety of products in thermoplastic materials. These products range in size from garden pond liners to food trays used in supermarkets. The first thing which is done in the process is the mould being attached to a support plate. ...read more.


Any trapped air remaining between the platen and the heated plastic sheet is then evacuated by a vacuum pump. Atmospheric pressure acting over the top surface completes the forming process by pressing the plastic sheet onto the mould. Once the plastic sheet is cooled down to below it's freeze point the air flow is reversed to lift the forming off the mould. ...read more.


? When using vacuum forming, it is necessary to have a 5-10� taper or draft angle on the side of the mould to enable the forming to be separated easily from the mould. It is also important to avoid undercuts as these will prevent the forming from realising. Many types of thermoplastics are suitable for vacuum forming, each one having strengths and weaknesses. Material Forming Temperature Definition ABS 159 Good Extruded Acrylic 160 Good Polycarbonate 200 Good Polyethylene 120 Fair Polypropylene 180 High Polystyrene (HIPS) 120 Good PVC 130 Fair ? ...read more.

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