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Vegetarianism At Steak

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Vegetarianism At Steak The moral argument of animal rights has been discussed for decades. There are many types of cruelty to animals, including vivisection and animal testing, eating meat, hunting and farming. Campaigners risk their lives to protect animals, but some people are totally opposed to the idea of rights for them. Should we eat white meat and not red? Should we stop breeding animals for food? The fact is that although more than 25% of the British population doesn't think eating meat is safe or healthy, only 4.5% actually avoid it. The arguments for vegetarianism include cruelty, health matters and taste. But there are almost as many good arguments against it for the same type of reasons. This essay will weigh up the various disputes over vegetarianism, concluding with my personal opinion. What is vegetarianism? The dictionary definition is someone who doesn't eat meat. But this is not the case with over 24% of the Great British citizens belonging to vegetarian groups. Many call themselves a "veggie" but eat poultry, seafood and use animal based or tested products. Some vegetarians choose fish burgers at fast food outlets as a meat-free option. Such people will claim not to eat meat for whatever reason, then perfectly happily devour a McChicken Sandwich with added Barbecue Sauce (containing gelatine - animal fat). One particular word that could be used to describe these people is hypocritical. Why do they eat one meat and not another? It is a fact that chickens are the worst treated out of all farmed animals, especially battery hens bred for eggs. If the reason is because they do not like the taste of some meats, then they cannot be titles vegetarians. I personally do not like Coca Cola, but does this give me a good reason to force my parents to spend �2 a week more for food shopping so as to avoid it and inconvenience anyone by insisting on only drinking uncarbonated drinks? This point aside, there are a handful (4%) ...read more.


The arguments for vegetarianism are interesting, as many leaflets offer practical help for vegetarian dieting instead of trying to convince people how right they are. The BSE scare has put more people than ever off eating meat. It isn't just beef that some people have been avoiding, it's other meats as well. They call this, "A precaution." Why? I ask. There had been traces of BSE in very few lambs, but that's no reason to stop eating meat altogether. I found many quotes whilst studying this topic, both for and against vegetarianism. There were over 40% more quotes urging me to stop eating meat though. One particular point against vegetarianism that was put over was: "I am at a loss to see how vegetarians would maintain their food supplies without the millions of tons of shit produced by the overwintering of beasts." - Alan Owen. Mr Owen is a part time farmer, so he knows what he is talking about. It is a good point, that if we do stop breeding so many animals for meat, there will not be so much manure to nurture the crops which the vegetarians would eat. So, by not breeding the animals, we are stunting the growth of millions of plants which vegetarians would in turn want to eat. But what does a vegetarian have to offer to contradict this? "We can keep the animals, but just not breed them for food." But then, surely, wouldn't the world be over populated with animals? Britain itself is very crowded, it would make it ten times worse to keep every animal we bred. We would have to find somewhere to put them all. "But you find somewhere to put all the people," says the vegetarian. We don't though, not all of them. If she were to go homeless now, I suggest, wouldn't she prefer to have a house built for her by the council instead of having to live on the streets because there were animals on all the land they could possibly build on? ...read more.


Most people love the look and smell of freshly cooked meat and it is universally recognised. Tofu, on the other hand, needs lots of preparation for it to appeal. Apparently the taste on its own is disgusting, but there are numerous books and websites of recipes for tofu. It can be fried, stewed, marinated, anything the consumer wants. When I asked for an opinion from a strict vegetarian on what tofu looked like, it was compared to, "A soggy sponge." Would you like to eat something that looked like a soggy sponge for your dinner? This description says it all. I have taken the liberty of including a picture of some tofu (pictures are surprisingly hard to come by) and a picture of a sponge to illustrate my point: From all these points and views, reasons and arguments put together, I have concluded that there are so many arguments for and against vegetarianism that most people find it easy to choose a side. Most people choose to be for it, but still eat meat. Personally, I like eating meat and am not considering stopping for the sake of the Teletubbies, hysterical animal rights activists and cute little furry creatures with "hearts and feelings." I find the fact that vegetarians lecture people about eating meat when most of them have been cruel in another way to someone or something else dull and rambling. Humans have been eating meat for thousands of years - why stop now? It would only break traditions. I know we don't need to eat meat anymore because of all the alternatives, but then again we don't need to buy designer clothes when car boot sales sell old ones. But we do. Why don't we eat cats or dogs? It would be an interesting concept. As for changes my opinions as a result of this project, it has only made my feelings stronger towards meat eating. Whilst petting my cat I am now going to eat a steak. "If vegetarians eat vegetables, we'd better watch out for humanitarians!" Katherine Mann 9LMR - I like sausages ...read more.

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