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What factors that affect how a premature baby loses heat

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PREMATURE BABIES Aim: What factors that affect how a premature baby loses heat-: Prediction-: my prediction is that the best material for incubator is black paper. Method-: These are the four materials that I will use to do my experiment * TIN FOIL * FOAM * BLACK PAPER * NEWSPAPER * BUBBLE WRAP First I will get a beaker and fill it with hot water and cover the top of the beaker with a wood lid and than rap the material around the beaker and put the thermometer in the water. ...read more.


Material Start Finish Bubble wrap 84oC 85oC Tin foil 75oC 73oC Black paper 70oC 69oC Newspaper 64oC 60oC Foam 80oC 78oC RESULTS 2-: This is my second experiment I did and it was ten minutes long per material. Material Start Finish Bubble wrap 89oC 80oC Tin foil 82oC 73oC Black paper 75oC 71oC Newspaper 85oC 78oC Foam 83oC 74oC CHANGES-: In my first experiment I did not change the water I was using the same water for every material and in my second experiment I changed the water every time when I used new material. ...read more.


Very little energy transfer occurs by conduction. In a premature baby, it's just not had the full length of time in the mother's womb to grow to its proper size. It basically gets born "too early". If the mother is a smoker, the main effects on the foetus are that it gets less oxygen from the mother's blood. This means it can't grow as quickly as normal and the birth weight is generally lower than in someone who did not smoke. Also, the baby is more likely to suffer from high blood pressure when they become an adult. ...read more.

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