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What is the current dietary advice for four-year-old children?

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What is the current dietary advice for four-year-old children? The current dietary advice for four year old children is that they should eat a wide variety of foods at each meal so that they get enough vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, calcium and iron needed to give them energy and to keep their bodies healthy and functioning correctly. They should eat foods from each of these four main food groups: - * Bread, cereals and potatoes * Fruit and vegetables * Meat, fist and alternatives * Milk and milk products * Fatty and sugary foods Meals prepared for children under five should be small in proportion, as they cannot consume as much food as a teenager or an adult. This information comes from the health promotion agency's getting a good start booklet. The first of the four main food groups that I am going to look at is bread, cereals and potatoes. ...read more.


A child needs these as it helps to maintain the body, for growth and repair of the body. Vegetables are also good sources of iron eg spinach and Brussels sprouts. We are recommended to eat at least five portions of fruit an vegetables a day but it is not always possible to keep fruit and vegetables fresh if you only shop once a week, but frozen fruit and vegetables are just as good for you as fresh. The website www.nutrition.org states that you should encourage your child to eat the fruit and vegetables that they enjoy and not to force them to eat the ones they dislike or don't want but to keep trying them with ones they don't like in small amounts. You can hide the vegetables that they don't want to try in other foods for example in a stew or in a vegetable soup eg carrots, onions and leek. ...read more.


Milk also provides us with energy and vitamin A. You should try to give your child 350ml of milk each day or two-three servings of milk products for example cheddar cheese, soft cheese, yoghurts (plain and fruit) fromage frais or custard. A child under five should not be given skimmed milk as a drink, semi-skimmed, pasteurised and whole should be given instead as skimmed does not have the correct nutrients that children under five require. Fatty foods are important to include in a child's diet as it supplies them with a source of energy. It is needed for the structures of all body cells. It also provides everyone with vitamins A and D. Fatty foods should only be given to a child in small portions, as most fatty foods are unhealthy. Sugary foods should be avoided in a four year olds diet as it is unnecessary and can lead to tooth decay. ?? ?? ?? ?? Key issue 1 ...read more.

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