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What small steps can people in the UK take to becoming more ethical eaters and how will this help feed the world?

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What small steps can people in the UK take to becoming more ethical eaters and how will this help feed the world? Nearly one billion people suffer from hunger and malnutrition in the world and over 40 million die each year of starvation. Some religions require the believers to follow certain dietary factors. For example, in Judaism, practising Jews are not allowed to eat shellfish or pork because they are considered unclean. They only eat ?kosher? meat too, which have certain rules about what the food contains and how it is slaughtered and prepared. Meat and dairy products and meat are not allowed in the same meal either. In Hinduism it?s much different, only beef and beef products are restricted; this is because in their religion the cow is a scared animal. Islam is again different, only pork is prohibited because they believe pigs are unsanitary, but all meat has to be ?halal?, which has to do with the slaughter and wellbeing of the animal beforehand. So, different religions have different views on ethical foods. Others avoid meat because of associated health risks. For example many years ago there was widespread panic when mad cow disease broke out, which many people contracted. ...read more.


1.5 kg of New Zealand lamb travelling 32000 km by sea and then 300 by a HGV, 1kg of potatoes travelling 300km by a HGV, 200g of green beans from Kenya travelling 6800km by air and 300km by a HGV ad finally 500g of carrots delivered by a HGV would total up a distance of 40000 km to reach the consumer?s plate and would emit 3.12kg of carbon dioxide. Therefore, to reduce carbon dioxide levels, buying locally sourced foods is much better for the environment. On the other hand, reduced food miles do not necessarily mean that the product is more energy efficient. Less energy can be used in growing tomatoes in Spain and then shipping them to the UK than in growing it in the UK with the assistance of more heating and fertiliser but closer to the consumer. Cattle also produce more greenhouse gases than the entire world?s transport. Mainly huge amounts of methane. The rise in demand of meat products also leads to deforestation, more land is needed for cattle to graze, which harms the environment even more as trees and plants are needed to withdraw carbon dioxide from the air and emit oxygen. More than one third of the world's grain harvest is diverted from feeding people to feeding cattle too. ...read more.


Organic food is often eaten because of ethical reasons too. However, some people make the mistake of thinking there are health benefits but eating organic food is just a lifestyle choice, as there is no evidence that organic food is more nutritious. They are produced though without using chemical pesticides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers. Some doctors think that there is a link between the increased digestive track, bowel and stomach cancers and the pesticides/ insecticides sprayed onto fruits and vegetables. But, because of the use of manure on organic food, people consuming the fruits and vegetables are more prone to food poisoning if they are not washed well. Lots of farmers are not paid enough for their labour because they work in developing countries. One way that ensures that this is not the case is Fair-trade. It gives producers a right share of money. The range of Fairly Traded food and beverages available is wide enough to have them all day long. Coffee sweetened with sugar cane sugar for breakfast, pasta for lunch, a cup of tea in the afternoon, and Quinoa for dinner. Currently you can find fair trade products everywhere, in lots of supermarkets and even some vending machines. Another way to help feed the world is the production of genetically modified foods. However, the long term effects are not known. ...read more.

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