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What You Eat Is, What You Get

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What You Eat Is, What You Get Over the past twelve years, there has been a problem with obese Americans. "More than 60% of U.S adults are over weight according to the Centers for Disease Control. Obesity among children is also growing, and the CDC has labeled the phenomenon an "epidemic" (forbes.com staff). Many parents believe that the fast food chain is causing this effect on their young children as well as for them. In fact, the problem starts at home, with the person. Deciding whether or not to exercise regularly and when they come up to the window of a fast food place to order a deep fried burger, are examples of how Americans become so obese. ...read more.


Where, once again, you can see the individual deciding where they stand during choice of food. They could choose a nice crisp salad or grilled chicken, rather than the greasy, fattening hamburger and fries. One doesn't have to get the extra fries and pop that come with super-sizing the meal. "Basically, using fast food for fitness is simply a matter of making the right decisions, and to do that, you need the proper knowledge... However, before we get started, I need to warn you that when you pull up to the drive-thru at some of these fast-food joints, you might have a moment of "weakness" and decide to just "go for it." ...read more.


They also say the restaurant chain used marketing practices such as toy and value meal promotions to entice its patrons to eat the food" (Washington Times, Ellen Sorokin). I feel all this talk about fast food being bad for you is in the eyes of the beholder-meaning if a person eats a cheesy, greasy burger from Burger King or McDonald's , then yes fast food is bad for you. Conversely, if the person really wants to be thin then he/she will pay the extra money for a chicken sandwich; instead of complaining that they are obese and have diabetes because they didn't want to spend more money. In retrospect they will be paying for that burger for the rest of their lives via diabetes and obesity. ...read more.

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