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Which Crisps Have The Most Energy?

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Which Crisps Have The Most Energy? Michael is on a diet and wants to avoid putting on weight. He is hungry however and wants a snack. The snack machine in school has six kinds of crisp in it. One is a normal packet of crisps, and the other is a low fat packet of crisps. Michael thinks that the low fat crisps have less energy in them and so will be less fattening. At the end of this investigation I will have hoped to answer Michael's question, on which crisp has the most energy? Prediction I predict that the crisps with the most fat will burn with the highest temperature, because I no that there is a lot of energy in fat and all it needs is to be realest, so when I burn the crisps the fattest ones will give off the most heat, and the low fat crisps will not have as much energy to burn so not burring at such temperature as the fat crisps. ...read more.


46 3 2.15 17 73 56 Average 2.16 16.67 69.67 52 Cheese + Onion 1 2.16 15 57 42 2 2.13 17 67 50 3 2.11 21 71 50 Average 2.13 17.67 195 47.3 Original light 1 1.85 15 59 44 2 1.89 15 41 26 3 1.91 17 80 63 Average 1.8 15.67 60 44.3 Cheese + Onion light 1 1.85 20 63 43 2 1.89 19 55 36 3 1.82 21 Boiled 79 Average 1.85 30 72.67 52.7 Scientific Knowledge .1calories raises the temperature of 1cm of water by 1 C . Calories = volume of water x temperature difference. .1calories = 4.2 J Method 1) I will collect all the apparatus and set 2) I will measure the crisps weight in grams and record it. 3) I will measure out 10ml of water and then record the temperature of it. 4) I will light the Bunsen burner. 5) I will burn the crisp under the test tube until it has completely burned itself out. ...read more.


Also I would of used a smaller amount of water to see if that would of made a difference to the accuracy of the temperature change because I feel that this would have made the temperature reading more accurate when heating. I got only two odd result during the experiment and this was while I was testing Salt + Vinegar and Original light, but I think that these did not affect the end average much and did not really change my results because there were not very big gaps between them and the averages, but all in all these were good measurement and mostly apart for these two result very accurate. I feel that this was a very successful experiment and I think that it went very well, I got good result and was pleased with the way it went and I was able to answer Michaels question well and give a very accurate answer, so I am happy with this experiment. Julian Kiley 10I ...read more.

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