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Why do you eat food? Is it because you enjoy it? Because you feel hungry? Or are there more subtle reasons such as to cheer you up when you're feeling down?

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Food for Thought Why do you eat food? Is it because you enjoy it? Because you feel hungry? Or are there more subtle reasons such as to cheer you up when you're feeling down? In the past we would not have the luxury of such considerations, we had to eat to survive and we had to eat whatever was available. Today, we have a huge choice of food products, places to eat and methods of cooking. Regarding food as a commercial commodity rather than a necessity has seen the development of a huge food industry and the idea of Food Technology. Food Processing Developing new products today involves a lot of research, experimentation, testing and trailing. ...read more.


Processed food has changed dramatically as the needs of consumers have altered and as advances in food technology. Food Safety Food safety is not a new phenomenon but its emphasis has definitely changed. In the past a lack of knowledge caused problems such as sour milk or inedible meat. However, today it is the scale of food production that has the potential to cause a food safety issue. In 1990 a Food Safety Act was introduced that placed a much greater emphasis on temperature control, monitoring and the maintenance of records. 'Quality' is now a new key word in the food industry and it has become everyone's responsibility. Total quality management is a system often employed to involve all workers in the quality assurance procedure. ...read more.


In addition, we have the advent of 'nutriceuticals' or functional foods which contain naturally occurring components with specific nutritional attributes. A Food Standards Agency was set up in April 2000. This is an independent agency run by people with experience in food safety. It has the role of raising the standard of food in the UK, and exists to: > Provide advice and information to the public and to the Government on food safety from nutrition and diet. > Protect consumers through effective enforcement and monitoring > Support consumer's choice through promoting accurate and meaningful labeling. A healthy diet is one of the several factors that can contribute to good health. The food industry has now responded to this market opportunity by producing more ready-made meals with modified nutritional profiles which will appeal to consumers looking for healthy food. ...read more.

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