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Why Was the 1984 To 1990 Levi Strauss Advertising Campaign So Successful?

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Levis 501 Gcse coursework Why was the 1984 to 1990 Levi Strauss advertising campaign so successful? In the early 1980's sales of Levi 501 jeans had slumped in the U.K so the management took action with a series of adverts aimed at the younger generation. As a result sales increased by 20 times in the U.K. The adverts worked on levis reputation of being the classic blue jean and used American values of big cars, Ray Ban sunglasses and American toughness to sell their jeans the also made the jeans look ahead of their time by setting most of their adverts in the 1950's and 60's to give a nostalgic feel that is one of the examples of intertextuality which is used in the ads. ...read more.


to make people associate the music with Levi jeans. The ads don't use any dialogue so therefore clever camera angles have to be used to tell the story (e.g.) most ads start with a long shot to set the scene and then zoom in to focus on the jeans. Pool Hall This advert is set in a sweaty pool hall with the king (the big fat dirty bloke we know he's the king because the camera looks up at him) Who challenges the clean cut to a game of pool but the levis man has no money so he bets his levis. The advert starts with a close up of the fat man and the camera then moves onto the clean cut Levis man who is a direct opposite of the King. ...read more.


which is reflecting what happens in the pool game. The fat man offers Levi man the money but the Levi man points to the fat mans trousers. Close up of the fat mans belt and zip to give a sensation of disgust The fat man drops his trousers to reveal Dirty boxers which are a direct opposite of Levi mans clean white boxers. The fat man is humiliated in front of everyone in the pool hall this is related to the slogan originals have always been sought after because the fat wanted Levi mans Levis. My personal opinion of the ad is I think it is good because it is funny the way the fat man got humiliated in front of everyone. Russia The advert opens with a long shot of a drab trainstation. The lack of colour emphazizes the depression of the situation the camera then focuses on th large portrait of lennin. There is another ...read more.

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