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Wood and it's uses

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Wood and it's uses (homework task 2) Wooden chair Reasons For The Use Of Wood; * Flexible * Cheap (to buy wood) * Durable (strong material in the long term) * Fairly strong (can survive being dropped occasionally) * Can be softened (for comfort) * Easily fastened * Easy to cut * Sustainable * Not easily deformed (through pressure of person's weight) Wooden Spoon (Cooking) Reasons For The Use Of Wood; * Doesn't burn easily (if correct wood is used) ...read more.


* There will be plenty of smoke before the wood catches on fire ( so if left on hob and starts to smoulder you'll know, from seeing smoke or hearing smoke alarm) * Comfortable to grip (if sanded and polished properly) Wooden doors' Reasons For The Use Of Wood; * Easily screwed in to door frame * Handle easily and cheaply installed * Handles, hinges ECT. ...read more.


Wooden Toys Reasons For The Use Of Wood;(some may only apply to this example) * Strong * Won't shatter (if built well) * No sharp edges (if it's in accordance with safety guidelines) * Smooth * Won't scrape against anything * Varnish won't run off and stain other surfaces (Depends on how well the wood absorbs varnish and the quality of the varnish) ?? ?? ?? ?? By Peter Kaela NOTE: "When 'treated' properly" treated means waxed, polished protected ECT. ...read more.

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