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Work efficiently and effectively at electrical wiring and testing.

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Element1 - Work efficiently and effectively at electrical wiring and testing. * Drawings and technical information can be obtained from a maintenance company or on site services which undertake building maintenance. Only obtain original copies to be certain that they are correct. Storage is also important to garantee the care and safe keeping of the documents. Firstly they should be stored in a safe environment. They should be kept above water level in case of floodings. Copies of the documents should only be issued autherised personnel only. You could also ontain desighns and technical informtaion from architectual and engineering firms which could have master copies as they carry out the original design specification. * Work activities need to be planned so you have a clear objective and overview of the job. ...read more.


* The electrical equipment and tools for wiring operations are: -Hacksaw, -pipe cutter, -file, -reamer, -bending equipment -bending machine. Equipment used for forming and installation operations are: -Stock and dies -pipe vice -pipe wrenches -busg spanner -screwdriver -side cutter -cable stand -electrical drill. * The range of electrical components , cables and connectors used are: -Conduit -Traywork and trunking are available from manufacturers -PVC -Steel (black enamel), flexible -Galvanised -Ceiling rode -Connectors -Socket * The factors which affect the selection of cables and components are: -Amount of circuits to be installed (size of installation) -Environmental influences (indoor or outdoor installation) -Proximity to other services eg. water and gas -Check the design specification to have an overview. -Cost of installation, correct or most suitable material for the circumstances. ...read more.


-They don't become obstacles and a hazard to you and the rest of the employees. To maintain good housekeeping control, you must: -Prevent accidents -Improve service -Return equipment in good condition -Secure stock * You may use your initiative at work when there areminor problems and alterations which are easy to fix and don't take too much time or additional use of extra equipment, and you keep inside your time plan then its advisable that you handle it yourself. If the problem is bound to cause you to lose a lot of working time trying to fix it then its advisable to seek help from your supervisor. It is also recommended that you seek help in cases where health and safety is concerned to make sure everyone is working in a safe environment. ...read more.

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