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Work Experience

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Research and Planning Logo design is a company that has been working for 30 years; I have chosen this work experience placement because I am interested in working in the graphic design industry when older. In the process of choosing this placement I have not rejected any other placements because the manager of Logo Design and Marketing is a friend. Whilst doing the work experience I will be working with a team of other people in an office and working closely to the other employees. The employees in the office I will be working in range from age nineteen and upwards. The manager and manageress also work onsite along with their employees. From the work experience placement I have been given I am hoping to achieve the knowledge and understanding of the job, a graphic designer. I am hoping to realise out of the work experience if I want to route my career towards a graphic designer. ...read more.


The other employers were allocated different jobs at the beginning of the day and everyone had their own specialist aspects for example: * Video editing * Photograph Manipulation * Website Creation * Administration * Adverts I didn't have to work with anyone else which wasn't on the team because it was a very enclosed working community because clients did arrive as "customers", meetings were arranged and interviews were done in a separate meeting room or the manager would travel to the client's office. During the work experience I made some corporate identity material: * Two business cards * Four letter heads * A wide selection of logos And at the end (last day) I made: * A magazine cover for my favourite topic, skiing * An A3 middle page spread for the same magazine The results of the work placement was that I gained social skills and the ability to work part of a group of fully trained adults working full time as part of a team. ...read more.


But on the other hand during the 1st two days I was doing the same repetitive thing, this was very monotonous but I realised this process was what the graphic designers always have to go through for every job so that the client has a choice of deigns to chose from. Sometimes I had problems and questions with the software I was using and what tasks I should be doing after I finish one. I over came these problems by asking my supervisor or someone else who was familiar with the programs I was using. I achieved what I set out to do at the beginning which was to gain experience of a work environment. If I were to do it again I would choose a place to have my work experience where there is more varied tasks so that I wouldn't get bored doing the same thing over and over. The Appendices ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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