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Write a 500-word essay relating to the dietary impact of Diabetes Mellitus.

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Write a 500-word essay relating to the dietary impact of Diabetes Mellitus. This essay will look at what Diabetes Mellitus is and explain some of the causes of the disease. I will also examine how diet affects this condition and the impact on a person's body if the diet is not followed correctly. Diabetes affects around 1.4 million people in the UK and this number is set to double by 2010.1 Diabetes Mellitius is divided into 2 categories; Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is thought to be an autoimmune disease-the immune system attacks a healthy part of the body. Beta cells are attacked and insulin is produced. When this occurs the blood glucose level build up has no way to enter the cell. The excess of blood glucose is the direct cause of the diabetes symptoms. ...read more.


The pancreas of people with Type 2, eventually decreases insulin production and the person will have the same symptoms, together with the same risks, as those with Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes normally occurs in the over 40 years olds and 80% of people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight.3 Depending on the severity of the condition, it is treated with diet alone, diet and tablets or exercise, diet and insulin. The diet for a diabetic is a healthy, balanced one. The aim is to keep the blood glucose levels at a normal rate. Too little sugar in the blood is called hypoglycaemic and too much sugar is called hyperglycaemic. Many people choose to count carbohydrates in their diet as these foods are the most quickly turned to sugar in the body, this method is called the Glycemic Index. ...read more.


As the UK is demanding lower sugar foods and low fat foods for everyday healthy diets, the diabetic diet can adjust easier. However, diabetics do need to be careful and the knowledge about the nutritional values of products is essential. Information of diabetics and their diets is found in all G.P surgeries and also leaflets are available in supermarkets and chemists. The Internet has endless lists of recipes and diets to follow so keeping within guidelines should not be difficult. (See appendix 2 for recipes) Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Breakfast Cereal (Starch) Sliced Strawberries (Fruit) Whole Wheat Toast with Cheese (Starch, Protein) Milk (Dairy) Coffee Lunch Chunk-style Vegetable Soup (Starch, Vegetable, Protein) Grilled Tuna Sandwich (Starch, Protein) Fruit Cup (Fruit) Tea Dinner Lasagne (Starch, Vegetable, Protein) Italian Bread (Starch) Green Salad (Vegetable) Water or Tea Ice Cream (Dairy) 1 www.diabetes.org.uk 2 www.diabetes.com 3 www.diabetes.org.uk 1 ...read more.

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