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Year 9 Technology Jewellery Assignment

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1. What was the first type of jewellery made by people? Jewellery had begun in Africa about ten thousand million years ago. Africans in the Semlike River Valley of Congo (Zaire) in 100,100 BC to 70,000 BC were creating complex tools from stones, shells, bones and any other material found in the area. Some materials came from animals and humans. Inside the Blombos Caves of South Africa, there were facts of engraved pictures on the walls such as a block of red ochre which is dated to be about 70,000 to 100,000 years old. In the exact same cave, the very first evidence of jewellery was found and to be over 50,000 years old. 2. What sort of people made this jewellery? ...read more.


5. How has Jewellery been used in society over time? People have been using Jewellery mainly for fashion designs and decoration; I believe that countries that use diamonds often to just cut glass, since diamonds are sharper and stronger than a plane old knife. People might use Jewellery as tools instead of wearable piece. 6. How has Jewellery affected the natural environment? Jewellery has endangered and affected the natural environment in many different ways. People in our world have been mining all over the world. They have been destroyed forest caves, banks, hills and rivers. Some cruel people still mine. In ancient times, people make special temples from the side of a mountain or cliff just to hide their treasure. ...read more.


Pewter mainly is made of tin, so this gives it an advantage if you want to make it a hardwearing piece of jewelry that will last for a long time. If you want to modify pewter you could just add lead. When lead is added it adds a sort of "Blush Tinge" and makes The pewter look quite attractive and beautiful.. Pewter is shaped by casting it that means it would be easy to change the shape or the volume these are a few of the properties that make pewter a pretty good material to work with when trying to construct yourself a piece of jewelry. 9. List the properties of pewter that make it a not so good material to make Jewellery out of? If you add too much lead in pewter it causes the metal to be poisonous and lethal. Written By Matthew Ramsay ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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