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‘Salt of the Earth’ - a play text by John Godber

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'Salt of the Earth' a play text by John Godber We have just done a topic based on a play called 'Salt of the Earth' the play was written by John Godber. I think we did a topic using a play so we could develop new skills in reading and performing using a script. I think Mrs Brockbank chose 'Salt of the Earth' as the play because it can be performed using only four people, so the class can be divide into small groups of four, rather than having a play which needed half the class. If the class was in two large groups then some people wouldn't contribute in performances and would get away without contributing ideas; also the large groups would be led and dominated by a few individuals whereas smaller groups would give other people the chance to contribute more. ...read more.


We also used the play as a stimulus for still pictures and physical representation for example: One lesson we performed a physical representation of May and her emotions in groups of four. Our group decided to show May before and after the operation she had, because this was quite an important turning point in her life. We showed this by having two people opposite two other people, both sets of people walked towards each other, one set of people were standing up straight looking proud and strong the other set of people looked old and tired. When we got close facing each other we showed that we were looking into a mirror by moving our hand up and down in time with each other, we kept in time by ...read more.


Raising your voice gave the feeling of anger speaking quickly made you sound worried speaking softly and calmly with your head at a slight angle made you seem concerned or understanding. This made the piece more interesting but it still didn't look very realistic so we added actions and movement like backing away from a character to show fear or making a cup of tea in the background to add realism. I think this piece could have been improved further if I had learnt the lines off by heart then I could have thought more about facial expressions and actions rather than just concentrating on reading the script. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Barrowclough Mrs Brockbank Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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