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a beautiful life written response

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Written response- A Beautiful Life By Elise Mahoney Performance reflects the performance style, dramatic techniques and conventions, conveys ideas and develops a response from the audience, and reflects the historical and social background. A Beautiful Life by Michael Futcher and Helen Howard is a deliberate and artificial construction based on a number of stories of real life. The play is a dramatic theatrical exploration of the issues suronding Australian society and multiculturalism. Using an Innovative approach to convey and construct these issues an array of different dramatic forms and techniques are used. My group performance has taken theses techniques/conventions to engage an audience and reflect on the styles, techniques and convention A Beautiful Life explores to depict the "epic human tale of a little man against forces much lager then himself." A Beautiful Life is the story of the dramatized evens of an Iranian refuge musician and his family; the fictitious character of Hamid's experiences in gaol in Iran where he is tortured and forced to witness human rights abuse before making a dramatic escape to Australia in the 1980's where the hardships of his previous life follow him to a protest outside the Iranian Embassy in Canberra. Again he is arrested for his passionate act of protest which leads to misunderstanding and hostile charges of terrorism. His Subsequent trial takes us on a heart wrenching journey of his families many horrific and powerful experiences he has been faced with throughout his lifetime so he can now have what he calls 'a beautiful life'. ...read more.


Hamid and Jhila's inability to speak Fluent English causes a barrier between themselves and the Australia public. Being unable to articulate themselves causes them turmoil as they are unable to justify themselves and help others to understand their actions when they are arrested for displaying acts of terrorism. An example of this is in Scene 2 of our play, Hamid uses the words 'madness' when he means anger, which causes Brendan to think he is insane. Another example in the same scene also shows two Australian's in Iran who are unable to effectively communicate with some Iranian Guards. They say "We cant understand you, speak English please". As a result of this Language barrier the two Australian's are Arrested and taken for questioning. This technique displays the virtuality of language to the play. It conveys the many problems and misinterpretations such a language barrier may cause, and hence lead to creating prejudice. In comparison to this we have Amir who comes from both worlds and is the narrator of the story. He gives us insight into both societies and is a bridge between the two worlds. A deliberate technique the composers have used to convey both sides of the story in way audiences can understand and empathise with. Transformational acting is a another technique our group choose to utilize as it shows the characters current feelings and raw selves in order to transform who they are and their emotional ranges into that of the characters they portray. ...read more.


An example of this is the way our performance positions the audience to see the Iranians in a sympthetic way. We show cruel, harsh and unfair imprisonment and its conditions forcing the audience to become discussed with what they've seen and call for social change. Theatre of cruelty is the attack on the scenses and aims at challenging audience's pre conceived idea's and innocent conceptions to create new awareness so as the audience can actively take this movement and change the cause and reasons for this such extortionary theatre, using a minimalist stage, lighting and minimalist costumes. Contemporary Australian Drama is the means in which a story is developed in new ways to assist audiences interpret the ideas and images presented in the theatre. In A Beautiful Life and our play some of the unique techniques used to convey the issues of modern theatre are used, these being: transformational acting, narrator, and non-English language, to convey modern Australian issues of multiculturalism. Our play uses the techniques, conventions, background and the ideas presented in A Beautiful Life to create a small scale version of the combined histories of the refugee musician and the Iranian Embassy protest. We have conveyed the ideas of modern Australian issues regarding multiculturalism, prejudice, injustice and brutality to through an array dramatic forms and techniques. We have accurately conveyed a reflection on the ways in which our Performance reflects the performance style, dramatic techniques and conventions, conveys ideas and develops a response from the audience, and reflects the historical and social background A Beautiful Life presents. Word count: 1477 ...read more.

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