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A Comparison Between 'Billy Liar' and a Group Improvisation on the Theme of Dreams

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A Comparison Between 'Billy Liar' and a Group Improvisation on the Theme of 'Dreams'. I have studied a number of plays which include the theme of dreams such as 'Of Mice and Men', 'Jimmy' and 'Billy Liar'. Studying these plays has been a part of my GCSE drama coursework. The play 'Of Mice and Men' is set in the 1930's of America, it is about two men that travel together and they work on a ranch. The theme dreams occurs a lot in the play. Many characters have dreams of a better life these dreams are classed as fantasy. The monologue 'Jimmy' was about a boy who believed he looked like James Dean and how he was a fan of him. Dreams is featured in this piece as fantasy also. Jimmy wants to be like James Dean. The play 'Billy Liar' is set in the 1950's of the north of England in a lower middle-class house. The main character Billy lies a lot about his life and this leads to his dreams about having a better life. This type of dream is fantasy and it is a main part of the play. These plays can be compared in a number of ways such as characters, setting, and dreams. The characters in 'Of Mice and Men' are quite realistic people. The characters in this play do not get involved with each others lives and do not show much affection for each other except from George and Lennie who care about each other. ...read more.


Billy has the dreams in this play and he wishes to be something better than a lower middle-class person. This is similar to 'Of Mice and Men' and 'Jimmy' because the dream consists of wanting a better life. This type of dream is fantasy because Billy dreams of having a better life this is also similar to the plays I have studied because the dreams that are in the plays are fantasy. As a group we used these plays as a starting point for our own work on dreams. But in our play a father has one chance to get his life back on track or carry on being miserable. The father is an alcoholic and is given the chance to stop drinking or carry on. This is shown as a dream. The type of dream we used is a premonition. The father is shown what will happen to him if he takes the drink or doesn't. The people that show him these dreams are represented as angel and devil. The storyline in this play is very different compared to 'Billy Liar'. This is because 'Billy Liar' is about a boy who wants a more interesting life and lies about his life to make him sound interesting. But his lies get him into awkward situations. Our play is about a father who is an alcoholic and is currently having a distressing time with his life. ...read more.


This is similar in our play because the father is an alcoholic and it shows the consequences of his drinking. There is also another similarity that is both main characters have a chance to have a better life. In our play the father gets a chance to have a better life and give him a second chance. In 'Billy Liar' Billy has the chance to live in London and lead a more interesting life like he has dreamed of. Having completed our piece of improvisation, I feel it was a good piece of work. I think we worked we well together but sometimes we weren't always focused on what we was doing. I think what worked well in our improvisation is that when we actually performed it when something didn't go to plan we improvised with it to carry it on. I also think our techniques worked well because we had certain reasons why we had put them there and the techniques proved to be effective for our reasons. The improvements that I would make on my improvisation would be to plan it more because at some points we didn't really know what we were doing. I also would make sure all the characters had equal speaking parts as some characters didn't have much to say. There is not many similarities between our work and the plays I have studied. But the similarities that are there are very significant such as the characters as the characters care for each other this is in 'Billy Liar' and our play. ...read more.

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