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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 3067

A critical assessment of 2 pieces of drama around the theme of ‘Space’.

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A critical assessment of 2 pieces of drama around the theme of 'Space'. In this essay I will be writing about how I performed to pieces of improvised drama based around the subject of 'space'. One of the pieces had to be done in a realistic style and the other an abstract. Initial Reaction to Stimulus When we were first told that are stimulus would be 'space', we all sat down I and had what could be called a 'brain storming' session. This was to consider how such a broad subject could be perceived in two pieces of drama. First of all we had to consider how 'space' could be identified. There are many kinds of 'space', which can be made into forms of drama, and we would need to select one that could produce the most gripping. For this we identified just how space could be used, and came up with the following ideas for realistic or abstract piece (we could the ideas into abstract drama later): Space, as in 'the final frontier', could be used to great effect. Space and the entire notion of the 'great beyond' could be used. Maybe having characters interacting with character not of this planet, maybe contrasting views or morals. Maybe having the outsider coming to earth from space. Using space in this way opens the door to all sorts of personification of space using a science fiction spin. This could be done in some sort of 'Star Trek', thought provoking scene involving space. Personal space, or the lack of it. For a realistic piece, maybe something to do with the prison system or freedom infringements. If we set it in a cell (an area where there is little space), not only would there be a direct physical relation to space but also the characters will be able to show space in there speech and movements. ...read more.


But Hussian playing a woman in my opinion, and on previous acting experience, seems to be type cast and contrary to some people opinion he was cast in a role that would highlight his acting talent. The other characters were relatively easy to cast. Here was the final cast list: Leigh Turner The Dad Alain Branson Gary (the main character) Stuart Mulrany Gary conscience Chris Jones Damien (the character opposite to Gary) Hussian Kerian Damien conscience Set Above is the set we choose to use. It is fairly basic with the stage being split into three sections, one representing the house, one the park and the other the journey in between. The props were also very simple, with a table and chairs representing the house interior and a bench representing the park. Lighting Area of lighting for scenes 1 and 5 Area of lighting for scenes 2, 3, and 4 Costumes The costumes we used were authentic of the parts we played. I played the Dad, so I wore clothes that represented a Dad. I just wore a black T-shirt and jeans, which is what my Dad would wear. Gary wore typical teenage clothes, a bit 'scurfy' to help show the difference between him and Damien. Damien will also were typical teenage clothes, but nothing like Gary's. The consciences wore suits. This would show how they different from the other characters and yet still an important part of the drama. We would also be able to visual show aspects of there personality. This means Gary's conscious is good, so he wore a white suit and Damien's conscious a black suit. Rehearsals Rehearsal started well with Alain and myself going though the first argument many times. The first argument we thought needed to build in aggression as it went on. We found this hard at the beginning because we found that we got very angry very quickly and needed to take it slower. ...read more.


This minimalist stage meant we had more space for acting and movement. 'Brecht' played a part in designing the stage because we all felt that a performance like this one needed a strong style so it separates it from other abstract pieces. Special lighting was not needed, so full house lights were used. Costumes We all decided to wear suits in all the pieces. This would make it more abstract and they a very versatile to the parts we played (teacher, gangster etc.) Rehearsals We had many rehearsals, which we managed to fit into a very short time space. We went through every scene in order constantly with very little variation. I would like to put a lot more detail into this but there was little else we did. We looked at the tableaux and changed them a few times till they represented each scene perfectly. The monologues were rehearsals a lot till everybody knew what everybody what going to say. Evaluation (of both) Both the performances went very well and very few mistakes. In comparison the two piece are different but with one on going theme. This is that they all show a single character's problem with space. This allowed us to show how different people can react to space. This, however, lead to some of are character sounding the same. I terms of actual work, I think the last group I worked was dedicated than the first and wanted to get the work done more. As is said earlier, some scenes in the first performance I would have liked to go over a few more times. This I think can be related to the size of groups. Think you can get more work done if there is a smaller number in your group. You can concentrate more and work more in a complete group. In terms of plot, I think are first piece was better. This is not that the second piece had no plot, but I think the first performance was more gripping and kept attention better. ...read more.

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