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A dolls house act 2 plot summary

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A Dolls House Act Two Plot Summary Nora is alone in the room. She is very nervous about Krogstad coming round and posting and/or giving the letter to Helmer revealing that she has borrowed money under a false name. Nurse enters with Nora's dress for the dance, which needs mending. Nora says she wants in ripped in to a hundred thousand pieces, but then decides she wants Mrs. Linde to help her mend it. Nora asks about her children, and nurse says they miss their mama and Nora says she cannot be with them as much as she used to be. Nurse tells her children get used to anything easily, and they would become used to being without their mama after a while. Nurse tells Nora that she had to give up looking after her daughter to look after her, but did it because she would get a good home out of it and she is still in contact with her own daughter as Nurse's daughter wrote to her when she got confirmed and married. ...read more.


Linde it wasn't Dr Rank who lent her the money as it would put in her in a awkward position when he came round, and that he didn't have the money to spare on him at the time. Nora decides she needs to end the bond with Krogstad as soon as possible, and asks Mrs. Linde if when you pay off a debt you get the bond back, and says when she gets It back she will tear it up in to a million pieces. Nora asks Mrs. Linde to fix the dress with the children as Torvald doesn't like seeing dressmaking being done. Mrs. Linde exits. Helmer enters. He asks if the dressmaker is there and Nora tells him that Mrs. Linde is fixing the dress for her, and tries to get his approval by saying that it is good that she is doing as he wishes. Nora tries to persuade Helmer to reconsider dismissing Krogstad and giving Mrs. ...read more.


Dr Rank reveals to Nora that he is the most helpless of all his patients - he is bankrupt and within a month he will be lying in his own grave in a churchyard. Dr Rank says that he doesn't want Helmer in his sick room as Helmer gives an unconquerable disgust at anything that is ugly, and that when he is in dying hours he will send them a card with a black cross on it. Dr Rank complains that he has to suffer for his fathers recklessness as a youngster, and that he cant do the same because his father has cursed him with illness. Nora doesn't want death to take Dr Rank from them, but he thinks that they will form new ties and will forget him within time and will replace him with Mrs. Linde, but Nora tells him no one will ever replace him. Nora shows him her Silk stockings, and he looks at them critically so Nora punishes him for it by hitting him softly with them on the ear. Dr Rank reminisces about what may have happened if he had never entered the Helmers house. ...read more.

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