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A Mummers Play.

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A Mummers Play Mummers' Plays have been performed in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for hundreds of years. They are folk dramas based on the legend of St. George and the Seven Champions of Christendom. They were originally mime or dumb shows (Thus mummers from the Middle English word mum, meaning silent.) where all the performers were disguised and known as 'Guisers'. Men who kept the same part for many years played all the characters. Eventually, dialogue was added, but was passed on by word-of-mouth. Consequently, the 'Chinese Whispers' effect over the centuries and the loss of the real significance of the original story makes present day performances very entertaining but virtually meaningless to most audiences. The principal characters are St. George (...of dragon fame.), Captain Slasher, The Turkish Knight, The King of Egypt, Doctor, and several men-at-arms who challenge St. ...read more.


Once we got in our groups we started to practice and we were given a deadline of two weeks to finish our final performance. In my group there were six people including me. I (netRanger) played the Turkish Knight, 45 played Father Christmas, 54 played the doctor, Mol Vinie was played by 78, 52 played the fool and 11 had the pleasure of being St.George. At first we all got together and read through the play once more so we had a strong understanding of the play. After we had done that we started to discuss on what part of the play we should do and came up with a part that had two fight scenes and one operation. Each of us started to practice the play and get use to the characters we had chosen. ...read more.


I and 11 choreographed our fight scene so that it looked realistic. Once everything was put together it looked fairly good. Now the only thing to do was to set up the stage. We all got together and thought of how we wanted to set the stage up. We all came up with an idea and below is a birds eye view of how the stage was finally set up. Entrance 1 was only used by me and entrance 2 was used by the rest of the characters. Now it was time for the final performance. Everything went well. The fight scenes were good and the operations were well done although 543rgot her lines and 123sitated a bit but everything went well. To improve my performance I probably could have spoken more fluently and enhanced the fight scenes. netRanger Coursework Ms. Bitch ...read more.

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