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A theatrical review of Blood Brothers.

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H Gray Blood Brothers A marvellous and a truly magnificent spectacle of blood brothers performed at palace theatre in Manchester. It was beyond doubt any doubt that they took Willy Russell original play and made it shine with all its splendour. The performance was of a very high performance for all ages. The production as well was a touring production which was great because you could never tell with all the backdrops they used. The play is about two twin boys separated at birth by two mothers one has many children already the other is infertile. The boys grow up to be blood brothers and best friends unaware of their uncanny resemblance that they are actually brothers themselves. The play really did stand off the page when I saw it I thought it was a: cracking, amazing and a once in a life time performance, it beats the written version in my view. ...read more.


They had a lot of sound effects in the play like: Gunshots, School bells and Cap gun the sounds were relevant because to show the realism factor to the play. The play as awesome and I don't think they could improve it anywhere I was not disappointed as well in fact I loved it so much I would go back and see it numerous times. They made a few mistakes like, "gis a sweet" Mickey said this when he should have said "gis a ciggie" but the wooden Eddy did not improvise from this mistake at all he replied by saying, "sorry, I don't smoke actually." Other than that mistake I didn't spot any more relevant one's than that which is good. The Historical and social context of the play is based around seventies Liverpool around the depression where the people struggled for jobs. The play is also based upon the whole story of Marilyn Monroe and how she lived and died. ...read more.


The narrator played a key part in the play as he was always on stage and he was not invisible, in fact in the scenes with Mrs. Lyons she always gave him a stern stare. The carnival scene, The narrator is asked to take a picture by Mickey so he was there to mark the moment himself, well his voice sometimes was. The audience was generally well behaved during the play and laughed and the appropriate bits. There was another school in the audience however mocked and talked when the narrator was talking or singing which angered me hugely. The audience acted very sensibly and some even got overcome with emotion at the end. The play in a sense was like an emotional rollercoaster tossing the audience up and down with laughter and sadness. I was expecting a performance of a high standard and I truly thought it was just that, the acting of great talent really showed be how masterful this play actually is. I think Willy Russell is a legend and should be proud of his wonderful production of "Blood Brothers." ...read more.

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