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A Voice and its uses

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Shannon Bratt Peggy Chang WR 414/Frith November 20, 2003 A Voice The primary function of the voice is to communicate. The tone of a voice can calm, excite, manipulate, deceive, or persuade listeners. A voice has the ability to express extreme feelings. These unconscious feelings can come out as sounds of mercy, lust, pain, bliss, and fear. A voice also has the ability to create a primal, emotional, and social action and reaction depending on the tone and sound of a voice. When a person makes a sound or tone, it is formed by their voice. If a person uses her voice, she is creating action, and more than likely another person will react to her, especially if the sound of her voice is intense or unfamiliar. For example, when a baby cries, it is only natural for a person to immediately respond, or react. Some people will give the baby a bottle or a toy instead of their voices, which may distract the baby and stop him from crying. Some people may talk to the baby in a childish or humorous voice. If the baby finds the act amusing, he may stop crying to enjoy the show, and may even react to the action by using his voice to laugh. ...read more.


She'd probably bring him a tissue and try to console him using her soothing voice, asking the man why he is crying or if she can help him to stop crying. The man might stop crying and answer her questions because he now feels at ease by her gentle voice, or he might continue crying because he is truly that sad. So, the woman will either stay until the man is more at ease, or she may feel that she can do no more to help the man and walk away. At times, the voice can be used negatively to deceive listeners. In fact, "a voice is easy to change. As a matter of personal identity it is easier to change, indeed, than one's face" (289). Because it is so easy to change the tone and sound of a voice, it is easy to create an action that calls for immediate reaction from another person. For example, a woman and man have been dating for a year or so, but the relationship is getting unsteady. The woman uses her voice to deceive the man by announcing her pregnancy, which she knows, is false. ...read more.


Monkey woman purposely distorted her voice for the soul purpose of entertaining people. Who wouldn't laugh at a woman who uses her voice to screech, whoop, and holler about in broad daylight? Besides using humorous sounds to distort the voice, a person can also use humorous tones in his words. In fact, a comedian can make a living out of using his voices to create a positive reaction from his listeners. He is able to get this reaction from his audience because his tone of voice is vibrant, boisterous, and inviting. His words are clumped together in one continuous sound then separated by a somewhat brief pause of silence. It is during this silent moment that the audience reacts with laughter, and the comedian can take a breath. There are many different ways a voice can be used, depending how the tone and sound of it are altered. A voice can create a primal action and reaction, such as the baby crying; an emotional action and reaction, such as the couple; or a social action and reaction, such as the crying man in the restaurant, the monkey woman, and the comedian. Through voice, a person can verbally communicate, manipulate an action, and create a reaction. So, I guess one could say it is through voice that virtue is defined. 4 1 Bratt ...read more.

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