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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 1784

A written account of practical work undertaken in year 11.

Extracts from this document...


A written account of practical work undertaken in year 11. Recently, two friends and I structured a piece of theatre involving three characters and their journey through life. Throughout the play themes such, alcohol abuse, child abuse, drug addiction and many other themes showing the mental ability as the characters come across hard dissions during their journey through life. The play is about three characters who are faced with many temptations in which all resulting in some sort of addiction and later resulting in the character ending up in a mental hospital. The play is fast moving and perceptive entertains and thought provoking, funny yet ultimately tragic. Throughout the planning of our production we came across a few difficult disicions, one that really stands out in my mind was how to show the audience a sub-consion veiw of the characters thoughts, we wanted to really show the depth of these characters giving the veiwer the ability to understand the characters choices. To enable this we decided to use fiction in certain scenes showing an angel and a devil both giving adive to each indivdual character. We wanted to give the play a theme of 'Black Comedy' this keeping the audience more intreaged. My parteners and I decided we could create our own characters, I decided that when my character first enters the play aged 9 years old I wanted to play this child to the best ...read more.


A line that demonstrates this is; ''You aint got no wife,... you is lyin!...I is not, I'll kick you in the head now!!'' this implies I lose my temper quick, I would give a gesture such as a fist held high, my facial expression would be very angry and intimigating. Danniel who played 'drugy Dai' was quite a comical character and I found it easy to communicate with her throughout the play. Throughout the play my character developed a friendship with Dai and this gave us lots of ideas to bring a bit of black comedy into our play. There are lots of different scenes in the play involving different parts of each characters life therefor costume varied,we decided that we wanted to keep our costume as minimal as possible, this resulting in faster scene changes. At first we wanted to use alot of costumes to show how we changed over the years but after alot of disscusion we decided to only use the basic nasesities for example; *Angel wings, represents each characters sub contience... *Dressin gown, worn in scenes involving mental hospital... *Basic white shirt and trousers, this shows purity and innocence... For scenes involving all three characters in the mental hospital, we didnt have any props signifeing that we were actually in a mental hospital for we really wanted all the audients attension on the three characters before them. ...read more.


I didnt want to bring comedy into my characters actions so I found it really hard to over come that facter. I decided I would base my motivation on a child who had been servierly abused this stopped me bringing the element of comedi into this part of the play and I found a new acting skill which I hope to you much more often in later productions of improsiation. The final performance was very moving and I found it went better than all the rehearsals. If I had the chance I wouldnt of changed anything, my friends and I put alot of effort into the play and every scene was developed to the best of our ability. I thing the audients was really affected by the play and as I watched the facial expressions change from happy to serious then finaly to sadness this giving us a real sence of satifaction. As the play progressed I found the audients falling into the palm of our hands and I used this to the best of my ability, I could see they were moved by our piece and all our work was well worth it. In all what we set out to do was acomplished if not better than my own expectations. Rehearsals really payed off and at the end of the play to watch all my class mates applause and chear I thing we accomplished in all every view we were trying to get across.(dont judge a book by its cover!!!) ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Reviews of Personal Performances section.

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