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agesim I thought our performance went quite well showing some humour in an awkward situation

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Ageism Joseph and I were working together on an act of ageism, showing a 50 year old with lots of experience and a post-graduate applying for a lower class job. With all the experience he had he was still turned down due to his age. What we did in the performance Joseph * Started off in an particularly good mood * Entered the room showing confidence * Was being especially polite to the manager * Leant over the desk pursuing a handshake of his employer * Ignored some of the rude gestures Shown by his employer * Immediately passed forward his post-graduate certificate trying to Impress him * Maintained eye contact * (due to employer ignoring him) Tapping, coughing, scratching, and fidgeting, trying to grab his attention. * (after being ridiculed about his age) Raising his voice at the manager, immediately being told to get out. * Apologising to Manager once he had realised what he had done, but was still shown the door. ...read more.


Ignored Managers rudeness-Joe did this to try keep his confidence levels up pursuing the Job which he really wanted. Post-Graduate- A Degree is one of the highest levels of qualification, And having one of these would highly increase your chances of getting that particular job. Eye contact-Eye contact is one of the most important things in an interview, if you do not keep this, it shows that you may not be that interested in what you were doing. Attention seeking-trying to get the employers interest and attention by fidgeting and making noises. Shouting-Shouting was due to being consistently attacked about his age. Apologising-After shouting, he realised what he had done quickly apologising for his actions. The manager did not accept his apologies and quickly threw him out. Myself Feet up on desk-I did this to show that the manager was clearly comfortable with his job, still keeping his feet up after the applicant had entered showing that he was not threatened by his presence. ...read more.


Shaylin (employer) couldn't believe her ears when Melissa pronounced her age. She had to ask her to repeat it three times. Melissa was trying to convince shaylin at even fifty she was still able to keep up with the long hours, energetic surroundings and young employees. Shaylin wasn't having any of it. Shaylin rapidly changed the conversation and asked about Melissa's family and whether it would be a problem for herself and her 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son. It was a big problem as the rooms at Butlins were not big enough to inhabit Melissa and her family. This was another big problem for Melissa on top of her age problem. Melissa was not offered a job at butlins. My Opinion I thought the performance was quite clever showing her at fifty you will not be accepted into lively surroundings. I feel that Shaylin found it to easy to turn Melissa away, making the performance quite short. If they would've of chosen a different career, keeping it on the lively side, then it may have been better. Lee Witchalls ...read more.

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