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Alien - the dining room scene

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Media coursework "Alien", the dining room scene Once I had watched the film "Alien" the dining room scene was the one which left a lasting effect on me. In my opinion it was the most effective and well directed scene in the whole film. As the scene starts the whole cast is sitting around the dining room of the space ship in which they are travelling home, after some kind of expedition. The characters, Kane, Parker, Ash, Dallas, Lambert, Ripley and Brett are all involved in general conversation. There is then a close up of Kane and Parker, which I think is to show that Kane is starting to get back to his usual self, as he was in a coma in the previous scene. ...read more.


The camera stays on Kane as he starts to choke. Ash is the first to be concerned about his choking as if he was anticipating it. Parker makes a joke about the food saying "The food isn't that bad, is it?" The director did this to show that Ash is the only one that has taken any notice or concern of Kane's choking. Parker starts to pat Kane on the back trying to help him. The audience sees Ash looking on expectantly. Kane suddenly falls on his back onto the table in pain. Everyone, including Ash, jumps up to help him. This makes the audience feel a sudden concern for Kane, as it's obvious he is not choking. Dallas and Parker are now trying to keep Kane still as he thrashes around on the table. ...read more.


Kane's face showed that he was in more pain than before, the camera stayed on his face and chest as his chest unexpectantly bursts open fully showering the cast in blood. This was so unexpected and took me by surprise, as it did the cast who stood in astonishment as they watched an alien crawl out of Kane's open chest. The small sized alien looks around it's surroundings like a new born baby, then runs off, leaving the cast and audience in shock. The way the director decided to direct this scene made me feel tense and wanting to know more all the way through. It went from a normal diner time to death in only a few minutes. The camera close up shots of Kane's expression made me almost feel his pain. The way the director caught the shocked expressions on the casts' faces was well executed. It reflected my own thoughts exactly! By Carla Novak ...read more.

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