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An accidental death of an anarchist Review

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Accidental Death Of an Anarchist Based around true events, Accidental death of an anarchist explores the investigation into the death of a criminal via the fourth floor of a 1970's police station, this is shown by the use of the blue heavy police uniform of the period, and the well used proscenium stage, decorated with the usual hideous wallpaper of the time, complete with wood cladding, unsightly filing cabinets and various photographs, it showed a convincingly accurate portrayal of the surroundings. On first examination, it seems simple, but on further inspection there are various well thought through details. There was not a massive use of sound in the performance & other than a few various well-placed & relevant sound effects ...read more.


The dull lighting was what was to be expected, with no special effects used except for the spotlights used for the rapping cast members. The three main characters were the slightly slow Inspector Bertozzo, the short-tempered Inspector Pissani and the main character, only known to the audience as "The Maniac." The maniac is the character who is initially being interrogated by inspector Bertozzo, but upon the inspector leaving the room briefly, the maniac intercepts a phone call meant for Bertozzo & finds that a judge is due to visit the station investigating the anarchists' death. The Maniac decides to pose as said judge & fish for information causing chaos throughout the station, his portrayal of the character is brilliant, as any part requiring the actor to play various roles within one main role shows clear talent. ...read more.


I think that the fact that the original script is semi-based around true events doesn't affect the quality, either positively or negatively. I think that the casting was very good, and the director chose the cast well, and as I have already mentioned, the performance of "The Maniac" was one of the best I have seen in a good long while, although his role did not require double casting as such, he was forced to play roles-within-a-role, and was superb. Overall I thought this performance was a credit to the original piece, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, laughs for all guaranteed and money well spent. ...read more.

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