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An experiment to find out the difference in the speed of reaction between someone dropping a ruler and catching it in his or her right or left hand.

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SC1- Science Investigation Title: An experiment to find out the difference in the speed of reaction between someone dropping a ruler and catching it in his or her right or left hand. Prediction: My prediction is that if the person is right handed they would usually use their right hand but then if they are asked to use their left hand which is the weaker one their reaction would tend to be slower and vice versa. Design experiment: We will have one person holding the ruler from the top of their hand and one person will be leaning on the desk with their hand over the edge ready to catch the ruler when it falls and one person writing down the results. ...read more.


360 420 410 470 Average 208mm 264mm 347mm 271mm 300mm 420mm 373mm 401mm Average right: 245mm Average left: 271mm This Graph shows person 1 catching the ruler. Person 1 is right handed and as you can see on the table and on the graph that when he is attempting to catch it with his right hand he is faster than with his left hand. This is because he is used to using his right hand. This is a graph showing person 2 catching the ruler. With this graph you can see that person 2 caught the ruler faster with their left hand than they did with their right hand. This is because person 2 was actually left hand so he was faster because he caught it with his preferred hand. ...read more.


Also if you look at person 2 who was left hand their average for their left hand was 271mm but their average for their right hand was 347mm, which was a lot slower. Both of these examples agree with my prediction. Evaluation: Overall, I think my Investigation was very successful - I have a good, satisfactory set of results which I combined to work out an average. If we had had more time I could have carried out my investigation for a second time to make it more reliable. To improve my Investigation further I could have made a comparison between ages and sex to see if that affected the results of right or left hand. Aftab Mohammed 11wi March 2003 Mr Gill Set 3 ...read more.

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