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Analysis of a Bernardo's advert and a piece of text by Creon.

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Drama coursework In our drama lessons we have been looking at two resources. One of which is a picture from a Bernardo's Advert. It shows a small boy who is holding an alcohol bottle, with text on that says 'Carl, Age 32'. The next piece of stimuli is a piece of text by Creon, who was a Greek god. We took part in a workshop, trying to show the difference between the two characters. The Response Phase The first task we were asked to do, was, in pairs, where one played the part of Carl and one Creon, differentiate the two roles using split stage. In my pair, I played the part of Creon and Kathryn played the part of Carl. We decided to use 4 freeze frame in 'a day in the life of...' style for both characters. We started with both of us in the morning, showing Creon in a big bed waking up and Carl looking very tired as if he hadn't been asleep at all. Then we had Creon eating breakfast that has been brought to him in bed and Carl having to beg on the street for money. The next freeze frame was Creon going out and greeting lots of people and seeing all his friends and Carl on his own, looking very lonely. The final one was at the end of the day when Creon went to bed and went straight to sleep, while Carl looked scared and looked as if he couldn't go to sleep. ...read more.


It may have worked if we had the same costume that didn't portray any of the characters, but looked very neutral. We could have used the use of lighting in our piece. We could have had a very dim light shadowing the whole stage and then a spotlight on the narrator and on Carl that would have made the action stand out. The rate in which the piece moved would have been slow to show the atmosphere that Carl would have been in. We used Convections within our piece, but more specific Slow Motion and Freeze Frames. We used freeze frames to show the changes in narration and characters. Somebody who was doing Creon monologues would have been very different to the Carl ones. The use of costume and make - up would have been different as Carl would hardly have any clothes on and would be all dirty and Creon would be royal and rich. Also, Creon was from a different period in time and would have a completely different way of life. The sounds or music within the Carl piece would have been sad and dreary, whereas Creon's would be all happy and jolly. The lighting in Creon's piece would be very light to portray his character and his lifestyle. Also the use of spoken language would be a lot different with Creon, as he is older fashioned and comes from a different country. All these differences are called contrasts and are elements of drama. ...read more.


I think that if this group used costume and lighting, the piece could have been a lot more exciting to watch. They could have had spotlights to show the witness speaking and then when there was a role - play, the light could have concentrated on the action. I don't think the use of sound would have been very effective, as it wouldn't have been very realistic, as you wouldn't normally find music in the middle of a court - room. The use of space in the piece of drama was very good. The whole of the stage space was used and non-of them were cramped up on stage whilst doing the role-plays. The use of movement was excellent, as they all knew where they were moving. The way they moved to the next place on stage when they were changing their role was all staged and looked very skilled. The way they spoke and used their characterisation was greatly believable and really made me believe that they were really going through a court case. The rhythm of the piece was the same all the way, through which made it a bit boring at the end as it did go on for along time. I think that if in some bits they increased the tempo and pace they would have increased the tension. These exercises have made me realise that people can be very different and different people act in different ways. I have learnt to portray two completely different characters. Drama Coursework By Lauren Heighway Miss Thane ...read more.

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