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Analysis of Esteban Trueba

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Analysis of Esteban Trueba, chapters 1, 2 & 3 "The House of the Spirits" is the novel written by a Chilean writer, Isabel Allende. This intensely moving, both entertaining and deeply serious novel was Allende's first one which she fulfilled with romance and tragedy, extravagance and cruelty, magic and reality. This unforgettable piece of work is a remarkable achievement which manipulates its readers, making them demand for more. Esteban Trueba is the central male character in the novel. "He was a big-boned...walked with a long stride, and moved with energy; he appeared to be very strong...had a very agreeable face, despite his severe, somber demeanor and his frequently sour expression." Violence was one of the traits he possessed since his childhood, "when he used to throw himself on the floor foaming at the mouth, so furious that he could scarcely breathe, and kicking like one possessed by the devil." ...read more.


He leaves to search for a "destiny that was bright, free, and full of promise". Esteban Trueba devotes his life to the business, aiming to become rich and powerful. His success builds up thankfully to the labor of the peasants he has at Tres Marias, however he never repays them back and treats them with disrespect or inequality. The most brutal display of Trueba's power are the many rapes he performs in Las Tres Marias: "...not a girl passed from puberty to adulthood that he did not subject to the woods, the riverbank, or the wrought-iron bed...he began to chase after those from the neighbouring haciendas, take them in the wink of an eye, anywhere he could find a place in the fields." However, there was a time when Esteban helped the peasant. ...read more.


As the family man, Esteban tries to present himself as caring and loving husband, but it doesn't always work. Esteban's insensitivity is reflected when he places Barrabas, "transformed into a rug" in Clara's room, thinking that she might like it, which is inappropriate thing to do. Esteban builds a house which is somewhat ostentatious; he fills it in with all of the expensive furniture to emphasize his prosperity. Even though he has to go to Tres Marias quiet often, Ferula is always in the house to do all of Clara's work. Esteban falls in love with Clara, and is possessed by the feeling of obsession. He wants Clara for himself only; his violent temper causes deep tensions in the Trueba family. "He [realizes] that Clara [does] not belong to him," but still doesn't know that she will never do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ksenia Y. ...read more.

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