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Analysis of newspaper article

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Rebecca Kennils English Coursework Analysis of Connie Fisher article The article describing a day in the life of Connie Fisher has many purposes. One of the main purposes of the article is to give an insight into Connie Fisher's life and help us to learn more about her as a person. From the article we are able to learn about her daily routine and what a typical day is like for the competition winner, Connie Fisher. We are also able to see what type of person Connie Fisher is as her personality is shown through many aspects of the article. I think that the article is aimed at quite an intelligent audience as it comes from The Sunday Times magazine. I think that she expects her audience to be reasonably knowledgeable about the topics she is discussing as she makes allusions to musicals e.g. 'Mamma Mia' and expects her audience to know about them without an explanation. When the reader first looks at the article there are two main things that stand out Graphologically. One of these is the large speech marks. The use of the speech marks help to make Connie's story seem more alive and they back up the fact that it is Connie who has said this and this is really her. ...read more.


The effect of Connie's selection of details is that it shows us what is important to her and what interests her. The concrete noun 'hairstraightner' show Connie takes care of her appearance by using them, and enables us to see her as just an ordinary human being. It also allows other women to relate to her. Connie also gives the reader a list of her favourite things. These extra pieces of information that she adds in allow us to see what type of person she is and allows a relationship to be built up. Connie lets the reader know that chocolate is one of her favourite things 'chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.' The repetition of the word reiterates the importance of it in her life and that it is something she obviously enjoys. There are many spoken features in the mode of the piece. There are sentences within the article that begin with 'but or 'and' and this is a very conversational feature. It helps us to think of Connie as down to earth and so we relate to her more. Many actual examples of speech are actually included, "hi, I'm Connie" this helps to make things come more alive. Connie also uses slang within the article 'guttered' helps to make the piece informal and gives it a colloquial tone. ...read more.


Clauses such as 'if I don't get my clothes out, I will be late' show that Connie's routine would change due to this. Many semantic fields are present throughout the article. A semantic field of food features very strongly; 'lasagne and salad', 'spaghetti', 'coco pops', 'chocolate', 'chocolate muffin', 'lunch', and 'takeaway'. This is also a semantic field of image. Words such as 'hair straightners', 'big woolly jumpers, 'make-up' and 'face cream'. These semantic fields show that food and image are very important parts of her life and they help us to learn what is important to her. There is also another semantic field about her role as 'Maria'. 'Dance', 'sing', 'acting', 'script' and 'rehearsals'. This shows us just how important performing is to her and the semantic fields running through the text allow us to see the important aspects of her life and help us to understand her daily routine. Towards the end of the article the phrase 'spit spot' gives the connotation to the actress Julie Andrews. This also creates a link in the readers mind that Connie Fisher plays the role of Maria, a role also played by Julie Andrews. The linguistic features of vocabulary and meaning and grammar help us to delve into Connie Fisher's lifestyle, opinions and past. Through the tone created by these features and from what they imply to us we get a relatively rounded impression of this woman through the description of just one day in her life. ...read more.

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