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Aqa Drama Assessment - Scripted Work Based On Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

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AQA Drama Assessment My practical work in the year 2002 was a piece of scripted work based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. To contribute to the play I played the part of the captain. I was a performer and had to act on stage. I only appeared once, in Act 1 Scene 2. I had to comfort Viola. The captain is very old, noble and clever. This is the complete opposite to me, which makes it even harder. Even though it was only a small portion of the play when I appeared, and may seem easy it defiantly wasn't. I feel the hardest part of acting as the captain was changing my character. His words he used, actions and expression, were all nothing like what I would normally make use of. When we had rehearsals for the play I wanted a good part. ...read more.


I had to seem like I was slightly hunched in appearance to portray the age of The Captain. In the final rehearsals, we all had to work on our pace of everything we did, because the play was overrunning. But in our next rehearsal we did very much better and sped the play up a lot. The costume made me get into my character much more because I did feel slightly restricted. We all looked very different and this made me feel much more comfortable. My own performance I felt was very good, and in the last few weeks of the production I really felt involved in my character and knew how I should play him. Other character such as Viola and Orsino helped me and gave me some tips along the way and they were very worthwhile. The acting that we did was based in the 16th Century, in Illyria and it was hard to change to that time zone. ...read more.


You can tell this, as in Twelfth Night, the inhabitants are posh, and use good language. No slang or swear words are used. Conversely in Blood Brothers, slang is used on a regular basis as well as swear words. This becomes understandable, as it is obvious that virtually all upper class people wouldn't use slang. We tried to base our work on Stanlavaski. We did this because it's naturalistic. I hope that we lived up to his standards, and I think we just did do that. In conclusion I would have to say that I leaned a lot. This included changing my personality to match my character. My actions were quite hard to get to grips with, as I had to time a lot of things correctly. I learned how to improvise a lot better. Of the stage I feel I did good as well. I helped arrange a rehearsal and organize the group when I feel we, as a group was not performing to our ability. Word Count: 796 By Anthony Hufton ...read more.

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