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Are you creative or not?

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Yasmin Rahman Professor Ornelas English 101 22 January 2003 Definition essay Are you creative or not Creative- to make, bring about a creation according to Webster's New World pocket Dictionary. To be creative is to make anything with your hands or just anything at all. To be creative is to create something for the sake of making something. Being creative means being the creator of something. To me being creative means making things that are unique to you. Being creative is making entities with any medium, not just your hands. To be creative is to not waste time after finishing a project and adding spunk to it. ...read more.


My brother got disillusioned because he didn't know what else to put on his poster since it looked so dull. What makes a creative person is being able to think beyond that and making something extra ordinary. It doesn't have to be out of the ordinary it can be a poster that you designed and put a great deal of effort into it. Although some people consider their selves 0% creative, a lot of people are creative in their own way.1 Creativity can also develop your thinking skills, your mind, and your ability to think outside the box or your limit of work you do. ...read more.


Being creative is not staying in the boundaries of what medium you can use or how you express your ideas. Being creative is working your brain and heart to your full potential.2 For me being a creative person has lots of meanings dealing with constructing entities. Defining creativeness depends on the person and how they think. This is my meaning what is your meaning or how do you define a creative person? Figure 1 Shows pictures of students. Everyone is creative in his or her own way. They may not be spectacular but they are unique to the student. Figure 2 Anything can be creative, for instance this piece of art I made shows my love of this song combined with a picture I think sets the mood for the song. Created in 9th grade. ...read more.

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