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Arrival of a stranger.

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Arrival of a stranger It was the last day of the school year; Mr Phillips was directing everybody into the school hall, the front row was full of giddy first years delaying the start, "every body please be quiet, john Roberts see me after assembly" "ok as you all should know already, Tomorrow, the year elevens will each be assigned a foreign exchange student who will be staying with them for the next 6 weeks, the list of names and information is in the cross corridor and as from Tomorrow the students will arrive for the summer." I was nervous, I had never before met a foreign person, and I had no clue as to what he/she might be like. I approached the list of names anxiously as a crowd of people covered my view, all with the same intentions as mine, everybody was pushing and shoving, trying to see the name of there assigned student. And as I finally struggled through, I saw it... Student - Chris Parker - Assigned student - Emanuel Sanchez - Spain. Emanuel Sanchez, the person who was soon to be spending summer living with me I kept thinking of what this boy would look like, what would he wear? ...read more.


We arrived at school on the Wednesday morning to meet for the coach. I saw all my school friends, accompanied by their exchange students, we all introduced each other to our new friends, Emanuel was still rather self-conscious around people, but I could understand that considering his circumstances. We all got on the coach and set off for pier wood castle, the theme park in which we were to visit. When we arrived the teachers gave a boring speech of how to behave, and then we set off, there was double my usual group due to the presence of our exchange students and I was surprised to see that my friends' foreign buddies were talking a lot more than Emanuel, I thought they would al be as nervous as him. As the day progressed many of us went in different directions, and as we were approaching "spirit heights" mike suddenly said: "Hey Chris where is your Spanish dude?" "Oh yea...." I said very nervously looking around, "he was here a minute ago" I was terrified, I had lost Emanuel, I was supposed to be taking care of this person and I had left him to wonder astray, what would he think of me now? ...read more.


The person who has been staying with you for the past 4 weeks is not Emanuel Sanchez, you have been staying with a thief, an impostor, and we have recently arrested Paulo Giovanni for theft and fraud. Paulo is an Italian citizen; he has been impersonating Emanuel Sanchez since 4 weeks ago when he stole Emanuel's passport and possessions at the airport. Emanuel reported this to the Italian police department that day but it has taken us up till now to track down Paulo and arrest him. We have yours and your school friend's stolen goods back and safe at the station, and we would like you to come and collect them and answer some questions tomorrow." It took me a while to take in all the information that I had just received. My mum and I were stunned, this was the sort of things I saw on television but I never thought it would happen to me. I dismissed the officer andsettled back in the living room, I was still in shock, this stranger had arrived and made an impact, I would never forget him, I have the image in my head of this person and he has changed my impression on foreign people forever. ...read more.

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