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Arthur Miller uses the theatre to enhance the characterisation. He does this by using lighting, set, music, the apron of the stage, costume and the structure of the actors.

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Arthur Millers Usage of the Theatre Arthur Miller uses the theatre to enhance the characterisation. He does this by using lighting, set, music, the apron of the stage, costume and the structure of the actors. Arthur Miller uses the lighting of the theatre very well in each scene. When Willy appears there is very little light, this is to show that Willy has failed in life. This is shown at the start of the play where it says in the stage directions "Only sky lighting falls on the house." At the end of the play it says in the stage directions "On the darkening stage". Whenever Ben enters the scenes the lighting is bright, this is to show his successful and happy life. When Willy goes back in time the lighting is bright again. This illustrates the American dream, whoever tries hard will succeed in life. At this time in his life Willy thought that he could succeed. When it gets back to the present time there is little lighting used in the play. This shows that Willy has realised that he is a failure in life. Now Willy's only hope in life now is his sons, this is why later on in the play he puts a lot of pressure on them to do well. ...read more.


The play starts with a flute, in the stage direction is written, "A melody is heard upon a flute." Then the ending of the play is rounded off by music from a flute, In the stage directions is written, "Only flute left on darkening stage." For each of these scenes the playing of the flute is used to show sadness. Music is also played when Ben enters to show the success of Ben's life. In the stage directions is written "Now the music is heard, Ben's music, first distantly, then closer, closer." Small props are also used in the play, even though the props are only small they are used in great depth. The car is used to show happiness in the past times, but then in the present time Linda is mending her stockings, then later on Willy gives away the stockings to the woman. This is very similar to Willy's life because at first in Willy's life he is successful, shown by the car. Then he isn't so successful in life and he is trying to sort his life out, shown by the mending of the stockings. Then he gives up, which is shown by the giving away of the stockings to the woman. ...read more.


Bernard's part is very well played because he tells Biff he should try, but Biff doesn't and becomes a failure like Willy. Willy also does not think that Biff should listen to Bernard, but then later on Willy gets angry with Biff about not trying. Willy is shows that he will be a failure when Willy is listening to Linda telling him what they have spent their money on, when this should have been Willy. He should be sorting out what they have bought anyway but even more so as he is a salesman. Instead of doing this he works late for a little amount of money. When at towards the end of act two Biff says to Willy "You fake! You phoney little fake! You fake!" This isn't only true in this scene when he has an affair with the woman. This is also shown when Biff is trying to say that he didn't see Oliver, but Willy will not accept this. Willy lies to even himself, that he has seen him. This is also shown when Willy gets sacked from his job, he ignores what Howard is saying, and lies to himself that he still has his job, saying "All right, I'll go to Boston tomorrow." Willy always seems to be lying to other people and himself, denying the true facts of life. ...read more.

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