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As a group we were given a script from the Greek play, Oedipus, to play the parts of the two daughters, Antigone and Ismene and their nurse.

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DRAMA GCSE-SCRIPTWORK By Zenab Kasmani 11OG For this practice exam, I was in a group with Jessica, Vicky and Sophie. As a group we were given a script from the Greek play, Oedipus, to play the parts of the two daughters, Antigone and Ismene and their nurse. Everyone was given their respective scripts before the summer holidays so that we could familiarise ourselves with the characters and the scene. I learnt my lines by sitting down and reading them over and over again, and then testing myself (or getting someone else to test me) to see whether I knew them. I also learnt them by saying my lines into a mirror to see my facial expression. Overall it took me about 3 weeks to learn them properly off by heart. During the first few lessons, we sat down as a group to practice our lines and improve any flaws. We also had an idea about the set we were going to use and as a group, we discussed how we should be positioned and what props we should use. ...read more.


missed her cue, and so I cut her off thinking it was my line. Apart from that, the audience did not notice that we made any mistakes and so it went quite smoothly. For the second performance, I didn't cut off anyone's lines and I slowed down the pace of my lines so that I could articulate the words properly-without any trace of a North London accent. For my final exam, I need to calm down before the performance and reduce the speed of my lines. The character I played was Ismene and in the actual script, she is the older, more practical minded sister of Antigone. I thought I represented the character of Ismene well, even though I am not pretty-like Ismene ought to be. When I first read the script, the immediate reaction I got of Ismene was that she was realistic but slightly over protective and sympathetic of Antigone. ...read more.


I also found out that there is a limited amount of time to change the set from the previous groups performance into ours and so the best thing is to do, is to have only a small amount of essential props so that there is more time to set everything up in the way we want, and also because there is more concentration is on the acting. Another thing I learnt is that if my group tries to pressure me into doing something I don't think is right for the play, I shouldn't give in and that I should say what I think is good and why, nor should I be affected by comments from group members. For the final exam, I intend to: 1. Be prepared by knowing my lines, having my costume ready and knowing my cues for entrances/exits. 2. Know how the stage should be set up and where everything should be. 3. Work extremely hard to make the character I play realistic and portray them how they are supposed to be portrayed- right down to the very last detail. 1 ...read more.

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