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Bad Boy By: Diana Wieler

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Sarah Pinsonneault September 1, 2002 Journal Format 1 Bad Boy By: Diana Wieler Personal Response I was surprised with this book. All in all I enjoyed reading this book. I was surprised when the author leaped onto the subject of young adolescent boys being gay. I imagine that most adolescent boys would react the same way as A.J. Brandiosa did when he first found out about his best friend Tully being gay. When the author made A.J. Brandiosa even questioned his own sexuality with his confusion of being in love with his best friend. It was nice to read in the end that A.J. finally accepted Tully for who he was. A.J.'s best friend. Summary A.J. knows Tully and him are on the Cyclones hockey team. But he can't lose focus. He has to keep on working hard. Later on he finds out that his best friend Tully is gay. He finds this out by seeing Tully with some guy's arm around him. He blames Tully for being gay. A.J. can't talk to Tully after this. ...read more.


is looking for Tully hoping that Tully is not doing anything stupid. He notices Tully's car but it is parked and empty, so he walks in to a coffee shop/billiard spot call Chicco's. As he is sitting there he notices that everybody is in couples gay couples. So he gets up to leave as he is doing so Tully walks in with this guys arm around his shoulder. A.J. gets very mad and starts taking out his anger in his hockey games. A.J.'s is confused with his own sexuality and starts thinking that he is in love with Tully. This gets A.J. mad and he feels that he needs to prove to himself that he is not gay and forces himself on Tully's sister. Tully and A.J. finally end up talking and Tully explains to A.J. that everybody is different. In the end A.J. finally accepts who Tully is and always was, his friend. Characters A.J. Brandoisa is one of the main characters in the story. One of the first thing you here when A.J. is describing himself is that he lost weight, put on some muscle and that he is now able to look in the mirror without being totally disgusted. ...read more.


Excluding the hockey games weddings are the only entertainment and it didn't matter if you knew that bride and groom, wedding were fair game for anybody who was dress presentable. Style and Symbols The book was not very hard to read. It mostly contained small words and small chapters. One of the symbols in this book was the mustang. This is where A.J. felt safe to be himself. A.J. also mention that he loved the mustang. Another symbol is when A.J. says that "all cats are grey in the dark". I interpet this that when he goes to kiss Summer he is actually picturing Tully. Theme There are a couple of themes but they sort of tie into each other. First of all, the story shows what young adolescents will do and the lengths they will go to be accepted. Second, the book shows that gaining tolerance in an intolerable society is very hard to do. Finally, the book shows you that you should never assume anything in life because life is full of unexpected twist and turns. Just because you find out something surprising about someone else it does not change the person they are inside. ...read more.

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